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Cognitive Development and Mental Fitness

Train Your Brain! Cognitive Development And Mental Fitness

Despite all the challenges in life it definitely makes sense to be especially mindful of your wonderful brain – so train your brain!

Being respectful of the most phenomenal human organ and something that is more powerful than a 1000 computers…

The power of your brain and its awesome processing ability is way beyond comprehension.

The Brain – The Most Complex Part Of Your Body

The most complex part of the human body is undoubtedly the brain. It can weigh less than 2 kilos and is the route of all intelligence, where the senses are decided, and the initiator of body movement and ultimately controls all the most complex of human behaviour. The brain is the source of the many and varied qualities that happens to define each and every one of us.

In order to keep your amazing brain fine tuned, mentally fit and more aware of what is both happening in the world and better prepared and related to what is taking place around you it is very important to keep the brain fit and healthy. When doing this your brain stays sharper, more balanced, more mentally fit and better able to react faster.

Prepare and Train Your Brain

Indeed reacting to a variety of different possibilities occurring around you depending on where you are and where you go. When you prepare and train your brain better and then you are more alert for all potential events.

Preparing better for different eventualities provides you with a better chance to combat situations that may occur but just as important make you more alert and better mentally stimulated.

Many people think, consider and do things to improve their physical well being but do not always think or consider that their mental fitness is just as or even more important than physical fitness. Ultimately it is best to strive to keep a healthy balance (where possible) and keep both fine tuned.

Physical and Mental fitness are both extremely important. For people who are able there are many excuses made but this will never cut it. When you have everything at your disposable and do nothing then it is only the fault of you. We are all responsible for what we do…

Things You Can Do

There are many, many things you can do to help with physical well being including walking, jogging, cycling, Tai Chi, Yoga and a great variety of various sports etc however when it comes to mental fitness people often struggle in the search for mental stimulation.

When doing simple deep breathing you clear any negative chatter in the mind. This is a good start. Meditation is wonderful to clear and stimulate the mind. In the right circumstances meditation is the foundation to better mental health and producing chemicals within the body.

You are able to do mentally stimulating games on website platforms like Lumosity which definitely help Cognitive Development. There are many quality mentally stimulating reputable resources that make a great difference. There are thousands of brilliant personal development books, videos and audios that you can read, view and listen to that are massively beneficial.

Play Chess And Brush Your Teeth With Your Weak Hand

There is a huge myriad of material available to you. Much of it is available to you for free like Youtube, the local Library and even Lumosity you can get a free account.

The challenge with many people is inaction and excuses not to do anything. We know many people have genuine tough challenges but for numerous people change is what is needed to take a different direction.

When it comes to improving mental fitness things like playing Chess, brushing your teeth, cleaning a car, windows etc. but with the left hand (whichever hand is less dominant forces a physical change which the brain relates to but new neurons will be opened up which improves mental functioning.

This simple action will force the brain to think differently and do an alternative action.

Think About Injustice In Education

In a world where increasing numbers of people are being challenged concerning their mental well being well lets reach out and help wherever possible. There are many thousands of girls denied a proper education or later denied an improved education due to psychotic and old backward government thinking. Nobody should ever be denied either the right to education or further education.

This massive injustice has lead to many people especially girls quite rightly questioning the terrible dilemma they have been subjected to. This in turn has created a situation where many experience mental turmoil ultimately leading to the very sad suicides taking place every day in certain countries where justice is not done.

Spare more than a few thoughts for them and especially when you do not have the challenges that they have. We are free and we have a choice. Making the right choice and taking action plays a bigger part than you know. You only have the challenge with you so go make a telling difference and maybe you will help force changes both here and there…

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