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Sending Out and Receiving Back Positive Signals

Sending Out Positive Signals

What you think you become if you think about it often enough. If you continuously think, for a sustained period of time, about becoming something or somebody there is a very good chance that you will change to become that belief or person. You could have subconsciously adopted the thoughts and actions of that person you now believe in…

60-70,000 Thoughts A Day

If you focus with feeling and emotion the likelihood of you changing into whatever you’re specifically focusing and concentrating on will most likely become your reality in a shortness of time.

You have up to 60 – 70,000 thoughts a day but around 90% can be the same thoughts that you had the previous day. However some thoughts can become your reality by your desire to change to a new You.

The Boy Who Looked like Napoleon Bonaparte

There was a story about a boy in the US who was told by the first of 4 boys, for a practical joke, that he looked like Napoleon Bonaparte. Another boy told him the same thing. Over a few days 4 different boys told the same boy that he looked like Napoleon Bonaparte.

They viewed this boy as simple and stupid because he was overweight and perceived to be in their minds lazy. As a result of being told 4 separate times that he looked like Napoleon Bonaparte he started to think that maybe it was all true. Then he got some books from the library about Napoleon. Over time he read several books on Napoleon and after his intense laser focus of study he became better and better in his school work.

Eventually the originally perceived “Fat lazy boy” amazingly graduated from both firstly high school and then secondly university 4 years later with honours. He got initially a good job and within a short time he climbed the corporate ladder and literally within a few years he started and became a CEO of his own very successful company. He made strategies, planned and organised.

He was systematic. He became a leader of men. When he was told years later by one of those 4 boys from school that they lied and it was all just a joke but he had already long since convinced himself that he was just like Napoleon. He had become somebody else…

The Boomerang Effect of Positive Signals

Sending out positive signals has an effect that boomerang back to us. It’s often an amazing thing when you think about and concentrate on something then suddenly various events start happening that is connected with the original thoughts. The link is definitely amazing however it is not by accident that this happens.

The stronger the thought and when combined with positive emotions the frequency of occurrences can often be elevated and multiply in number and ultimately have a profound impact on you.

You Sow What You Reap

They say that you sow what you reap and this is often the case with your thoughts. When you suddenly think of somebody that you have not seen for years the phone rings and amazingly it is the very person you were just thinking about. Sometimes you might actually meet by accident that very person that you had not seen for a long time but had just been having random thoughts about…

Maybe it was destiny and then you find you have so much in common. This leads to a joint initiative or collaboration in a joint venture. Sometimes it’s amazing where Life takes you…

When you radiate energy positive things will start to happen to you consistently. The universe will react instinctively so it’s often not a bad thing… The reaction to you is as what you think, do and say. Sometimes it’s based on your body language, sometimes words you speak and other times it could be based on visualisation. Focusing on positive images and posters that you continually view is food for thought literally. The mind needs to be and prefers ultimately to be totally convinced of any new changes.

When you become what you think about most of the time you increasingly visualise the future and what will become your desired reality. The positives and strengths that you see in others will be in you. That is a true reflection that is defined as crystal clear.

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