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Thoughts Create The Best Reality of You

Thoughts Create The Best Reality Of You

All Thoughts Are Driven By You

All thoughts in your mind are driven by you. You are the architect, the orchestra conductor and the film director deciding on the producing, directing and what the number one starring actor does…

You are the leading star and the highest paid actor for this part in the movie of your life. Ultimately you are the producer, director and star of the movie of your life and hopefully it is a story worthy of an academy award.

You have to play the part with conviction, dedication and realism as you have a purpose to be a real success in life. There are no “ifs” or “maybes” in the real story of you.

Inwards Becomes Outwards

What you think internally is reflected outwardly. The look on your face partly portrays your thoughts. Regularly what people think they become. Being passionate and thoughtful on the thoughts within you can have a profound impact. When you decide to specifically focus on something it is best to target a prime target.

The reality of the thoughts are dependent on how intense or not that your thoughts become. If your thinking is combined with emotion you are more likely to experience the new reality come to life. Intense deep thinking can literally bring something to life…

As you become more experienced in your thought patterns you can better engineer, produce and direct the script of the new part you are playing. This leading role is the special movie of your life so you want it to be the very best made edition with the best supporting actors and cast.

This is all in your thinking so you need to be very sure as a director that you have everything covered. You have to check everything so that nothing is overlooked. Once you are satisfied in your mind you can be more certain that nothing is left to chance. You have accounted for everything.

The power of your thoughts determines the beginning, the flow, the ongoing story and how the story ends. Everything in the script has been virtually written in your mind and only you have the complete say on how the story finishes. You have the ability to really make the story so amazing that the movie of your life will be worthy of a big budget success story.

There are people who can sponsor and support your efforts to make this movie very special and unique but they need to see a story worth telling and something that is original and different. When your story stands out from the crowd it will be truly worth telling.

Controlling Your Thoughts Means Controlling Your Destiny

When you are in control of your thoughts you better control your destiny.

Brain and Body in Better Alignment

Consequently the health within you reacts better. Your brain and body are in better alignment which definitely helps… The PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) Diet is one of the best you can have. With that focus in mind you sharpen your thoughts which has an inwardly and outwardly beneficial effect.

We should reflect more consistently on the quality of our thoughts and thinking in general. Reacting better to situations in a more positive way can only be done if we are better prepared in advance otherwise we can easily fall into the negative thinking trap. We become what we think about most of the time – as the saying goes…

When we are in control of our thoughts we can sway our thinking from left to right and be more mindful of what is present in mind and then what comes next. Any negative thoughts can quickly be substituted when you are in a moment of readiness.

Thinking in advance of what comes next in our day sometimes helps as we prepare mentally for the day/days ahead. Organising our thoughts in preparedness is one good way of dealing with forthcoming mental battles. It helps to overcome particular challenges easier.

Taking decisive steps generated by organised thoughts can help to leap ahead and take the initiative. This in turn makes you feel better because ultimately you achieve more. You add another layer of ‘the feel-good factor’ to your mind. The higher and richer the quality of your thoughts then the better overall benefit to your thinking, health and the relationships that you have with people in general around you.

When you go to sleep at night your Brain will reflect on a better day and the software updates by the Brain when you are sleeping will be so much more positive…

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