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Changing Decisions, Changing Action, Changing Identity

Changing Decisions - Changing You
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Although you may well have the desire to change do you have the Intent and the will to finally make the jump across that fast flowing deep river.

Changing decisions and changing yourself, how is it possible?

Changing Decisions – Start To Change

You know it’s a little risky but then you know you have to do it otherwise nothing will ever change and things will still remain the same just like they were yesterday when you had the exact same thoughts.

It is vital to take a deep breath and take the plunge and be brave and determined. When you finally make the change you then have to be initially consistent for a sustained period of time for 1 week minimum and maintain the flow. When you have served the new cause for several days minimum then potentially you are finally ready to change you and lead the new life you have been promising yourself for some years now.

The relief and simultaneous joy cannot be overestimated as it is a huge challenge that you have finally overcome. Take a bow and reward yourself for having finally done the very thing that will ultimately make a huge difference in your life. Changing the habit of being you will enable you to become somebody else that you may well like more. It’s like a feeling of being liberated. It is an amazingly feel good feeling…

Rewards of Changing the Habit of Being You

Once you have gathered momentum on the journey to change you do not want to look back. You want to keep going. Staying motivated and maintaining the focused pressure on you is important. Once you have passed a certain point in time you will graduate.

The foundation has been built for future success in whatever you want to do. You have proved beyond all doubt that you can do it and especially to the one big original doubter – “You”. Self Confidence will be assured in your ability to succeed.

Your mind will be better focused in the future as there will be greater respect because of the new found elevated status. The brain has opened up new neural pathways and this really helps with further future development. There is increased mental stimulation and this in turn leads to more positive development. Psychologically reward yourself as this is part of the process. You are acknowledging what you have achieved and you should continue to do it every major step along the way…

You are ascending a mountain now but you clearly have no more fear of heights as you can clearly see ahead to the top. As you are so focused you have a clear vision of what awaits you. But nothing fazes you anymore…

Virtually every test you have faced you have overcome and now all future battles will feel easier to win. Life is very challenging on many levels however with renewed confidence and increased ability you have an added superpower.

Every challenge you have a much better chance to tackle with more resilience, knowledge and power. Now that you have a winning formula the future looks increasingly brighter. Change has come and change has stayed and now change will stand resolute in making many things better in what comes both today and tomorrow…

Changing Decisions – Changing You – A Summary

In the final analysis you now have all that it takes to embrace change. You can truly appreciate gratitude and be especially thankful for having conquered the highest mountain that you have ever faced and now here you are sitting on top with a big smile. Be proud of you. Having reached the peak of your ambition you are now ready for the next challenge and whatever comes your way. There is no stopping you now…

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