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Elevated Emotions Create a New Energy

Elevated Emotions Create A New Energy
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The Power of Elevated Emotions

The power of elevated emotions can have a lasting positive and profound effect on both you and your life.

Depending on the heightened state of emotions you reach can determine the feeling and benefit to you.

Achieving an especially elevated state of emotions can result in you achieving Gamma state.

This is normally as a result of being ecstatic about something in particular. The feeling you experience can be spectacular.

The Power of Meditation

Experiencing a certain feeling continuously and repeatedly will allow the mind to concentrate and target a desired outcome. Meditation can enable you to consistently lock on and when combined with heightened emotions your body tends to react favourably with a warm rich feeling.

This tends to result in chemicals being produced within you that have potentially wonderful healing powers. These are natural chemical drugs produced from the pharmacy within you.

Energy levels can raise to amazing unchartered levels previously not consistently clear to you. The Body and Mind is more likely to experience this chemical reaction within you resulting in more purity of thought. The past is forgotten as it no longer exists but new beliefs are generated and born.

This opens up new neural pathways. Fresh future thoughts are being born which will result in future long term sustained memories.

There is definitely something special about new energy being generated as it’s like a new lease of life. There is an added sense of excitement when you benefit from this purely fresh natural elevated state. This is you benefitting from a bodily enhanced function that has the special power of drugs only produced from within the body called you.

The subtle and huge difference here is that this is naturally generated from within you with absolutely no side effects compared to many drugs taken externally, many of which have side effects some of which are major.

Why not go (where possible) with the completely natural option that comes with all its powerful naturally produced amazing benefits. Additionally, the chemicals produced from within you are in some cases considered to be more powerful providing a more effective and potentially complete form of healing.

Meditation Can Bring Incredible Results

Practising meditation is definitely a wonderful thing especially when it has resulted in delivering incredible results in the last few years. Combining with strong positive emotions just enables you to enrich the experiences you have resulting in a perfect marriage of the two combined forces.

When you harmonise two things that have especially a natural phenomena then it’s got to be a wonderful thing. These natural experiences should be more actively encouraged while at the same time we need to keep monitoring and recording the results ongoing where possible. Much work has already been done in this area so hopefully we can actively maintain the consistency of the outcome.

We have to do all we can to encourage this and make as many people as possible aware of the huge health initiatives… There is no room for complacency and now that the momentum is currently being maintained we need to harness what has happened already and look to build on the results achieved so far.

Elevated Emotions -Summary

It will be a wonderful day when there is widespread global knowledge, general acceptance and total belief in the natural cures produced and delivered from within your own gifted Pharmacy. In the near future the world needs to more readily accept just what the body can do naturally…

Helping to put together the Mind puzzle 1 piece at a time…

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