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Smiling with Great Happiness

Smiling With Happiness
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Smiling is a gift. Yes, there is nothing better than seeing somebody with a radiant beautiful smile to help both awaken and brighten your day. It is both inspiring and a very special breath of fresh air to see a lovely smile.

Even on a cloudy dreary day it helps to bring sunshine where previously there was just grey drabness. We are all touched by the presence of a natural and special smile. Seeing someone smile has a mutually beneficial reaction.

Smiling takes less effort

It takes much less effort to smile compared to being miserable. The approximate number of muscles needed is as follows:

  • Smiling and being happy 13 – 17 muscles.
  • Frowning and being miserable 43 – 47 muscles.

It really does take more muscles to frown, about 47 of them. And for smiling, we only use about 13. So it’s true, it really does take more effort to be miserable than it does to be happy. Aside from an exercise in muscle tension, what does a smile really say?

The answer is that it transmits a language that is international and transcends all language barriers. Smiling is part of an unwritten language that can help negotiate through some difficult situations. It can overcome many human emotions that lead to a much more positive outcome…

Why are we feeling miserable?

When it takes considerably more effort (3 times as much) to being miserable you have to wonder why any of us make that sometimes conscious effort to do so. Naturally it’s not always possible to be happy especially when something tragic happens however quite often many people just fall into the habit of being angry, frustrated or sad without a genuine reason. It’s so much better to make a conscious effort to strive to be happy. You owe it to yourself.

The immune system and your energy field will be strengthened when you practice being happy. Avoid feeling down where possible as it has a negative and damaging effect on you especially when focused on over a sustained period of time.

When there is a chance to go out and mix with happy people then make the effort to do so. The like minded chemistry definitely helps uplift the spirits and warms the heart. You experience a positive energy burst and you naturally feel better. Smiling attracts you to other people like a magnet while being miserable has the opposite effect.

People will look to keep their distance from you unless they know that you have a genuine reason for being sad for example. Smiling is often seen as a gesture of friendliness in many cultures. It could serve you well in many countries. Keep that in mind when travelling…

It is generally known internationally that culturally, the language of smiles are a special gesture of friendliness in most areas of the world. It is a natural skill transmitted by one person to another.

What is Smiling For?

In the article, “The Subtle Smile,” published by Yale Scientific, Marianne LaFrance explains that the main purpose of smiling is to form, sustain and repair interpersonal relationships.

As a consequence we can attribute the whole concept of smiling to the successful creation of relationships in many cases. Smiling generally triggers happiness. There are different types of smiles and 6 in particular have been identified. Depending on a given situation think about the type of smile you likely demonstrated. When a baby was born, going on vacation, getting a pay rise or when your team scored a goal or won a major trophy…

University of California at Berkeley researchers have identified six different types of smiles in a recent article, “The face value of a smile:”

Life would never be the same without a special radiant smile to brighten the day. You definitely notice people who have a beautiful smile. While beauty is only skin deep somebody with a golden smile penetrates your body deep down straight to the heart.

It is both captivating and comparable to a magnificent sunset. With all the challenging news that you hear the body language communication of a golden smile breaks all barriers and helps mediate in the most difficult of circumstances. A golden smile you will long remember as something quite unique. Maybe it also helped bring an element of trust which helped save the day

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