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You are the Placebo called YOU

You Are The Placebo Called You

Placebo – The Raw Uncut Diamond Nearby

Sometimes in Life when people seek their fortune potentially further afield in another place or in a foreign land overseas they are so transfixed on that possibility that they fail to see what is immediately around them.

If they were to check more carefully they might well find what they were looking for right under their feet.

Maybe we just need crystal clear vision and to open our eyes wide and then we’ll see that raw uncut diamond nearby which is never obvious or clear in its original form.

Realise Your Body´s Curing Potential

Our very own human body is like a pharmacy and it can under the right circumstances release certain chemicals into our system which could possibly heal certain infections and diseases.

There has been a number of different infections and injuries that have been scientifically proven to be cured in specific circumstances.

Naturally, the healing was seen to be both fascinating and remarkable. There are an amazing growing number of people around the world who have been cured of various major diseases and infections and some of them were previously thought to be incurable. This is hugely enlightening and as a consequence has made us particularly passionate about this whole subject.

Until very recently the opposite one-track negative solution was the only show in town so if you were diagnosed with a major illness then that was the end of you and you were just given a specific time and that was it. Even now there are those who are in complete denial about a cure for certain diseases and infections.


Science Delivers Undeniable Results

When there are other possibilities that have been scientifically proven to work with hardcore proven data, test and lab results, computer graphs, and human case studies. There has been world-renowned leaders in their medical fields in attendance to witness the stunning events that took place. The results were undeniable.

Protection of Your Immune System

It is certain that we have an energy field and an immune system to help protect or at least provide us with some form of defence and protection against various ailments. The opposite is also true when you are seriously stressed about something for a long period of time then the protective field is weakened as it shrinks. Protecting that energy field should be a definite given in your Life.

Showing Appreciation and Gratitude

You can easily do that by showing consistent Appreciation and having regular Gratitude for the most important and significant things in Life as well as giving thanks for special things “Yet” to happen. The Energy field will strengthen as a minimum. It then changes from a Possibility into a Probability.

What Does It Mean To Be A Placebo?

Being a placebo is like being a walking living placebo drugs store with some cures possible for healing. Appreciate what your body can do for you. Believe in you, Believe in your body. When people are not well they often seek the advice and diagnosis of a Doctor. They seek medication sometimes which is not always the solution or the correct cure because they sometimes buy a random medicine or tablets which they think might remedy whatever issue they have.

You have to be very careful what you perceive to be a solution and what you perceive to be a cure.
In the body called you there are certain infections and or diseases that have been cured and the results have been astonishing. It all starts with a special Meditation slowing the Mind and Body down and reversing the normal way of doing things.

Listen To Your Own Inner Voice For Potential Solutions

Often listening to your own inner voice can result in achieving the right healthy solution for you. Yoga and or Tai Chi can help resolve some physical problems and headaches for example. However the major infections and diseases in some cases can be cured by the release of specific chemicals within your body.

The whole point in sharing and writing about actual factual medical events that have taken place is to state that there is another way. People often feel the health profession has given up on them with a particular diagnosis that in some cases is viewed as incurable. In some cases that has proven to not be true.

Placebo – A Summary

Do not despair as sometimes there is an effective alternative health solution. When you have focus and belief you are more likely to find a better way and just be confident in the proven alternative options that exist. Never, never, never give up

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