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Synergy of Like Minded People


Synergy Of Like Minded People
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One of the finest things in life is meeting with ‘like minded people’ and enjoying the great idea provoking creativity that a wonderful synergy of minds helps generate.





Ground Breaking Meetings With Like-Minded People

Whether it’s for social or business reasons meeting with ideally a group of 4 – 10 or so other people who have very similar ways of thinking to you can often be ground breaking.

People who are mutually motivated by a common cause to discuss, agree, plan and generate original ideas are on a similar trajectory. The collision and synergy of minds is always a distinct pleasure to witness and be a part of.
I’ve thankfully been a part of both groups in the social and business worlds for a number of years now, in the UK and previously in Europe and the US.

New Ideas Being Born

Every time there is a certain magic generated by the mutual chemistry in the room. One of the main keys to these meetings and forums is not just to agree on a range of things going forward but especially for new ideas to be given life as a consequence.

The beautiful special benefit of a synergy of minds is the thought provoking discussions that enable the birth of unique thoughts and ideas that were previously trapped and locked away. The collision of minds triggers the timely release and the freedom of thoughts scares some people but for us that thrive and are increasingly more passionate about where this goes now…

Clash Of Thoughts Can be Inspirational

Some new thoughts are especially brilliant when a clash of thoughts helps produce something inspirational. It often leads to smiles of approval for one or several people together jointly giving new life to a unique thought. The welcome suggestion gains acceptance when mutually agreed upon.

Many things feel right when meeting with ‘like minded people’. If they are already people who you know, like and trust then there is a great foundation already established to producing new wave thoughts and ideas. Normally people who attend these kinds of meetings have a pre responsible attitude towards positive thinking. They know automatically what is required and are therefore already committed to a synchronised common cause.

We all pre subscribe to a parallel initiative. Meeting with people where there is a pre-existing defined synergy of minds is by its very nature with people who have a P.M.A. in life’s biggest university. Having a Positive Mental Attitude typically provides a much better forum for thought generation. Knowing in advance what the purpose of the meeting is, to generate new ideas and agree future events, strategy meetings and a plan of action. Sometimes it makes some people more competitive and excited about contributing to a higher degree of thinking.

The Ideal Forum For Synergy Of Minds

Great chemistry comes from meeting with ‘like minded people. People typically look forward to meeting and quite often the anticipation as well as the positive gathering helps generate higher quality ideas. Wherever there is laughter, positive emotions and a greater determination to get things done you already have an excellent forum for a perfect synergy of minds.

Nothing in our world past, present or future can ever replace the uniqueness of what human beings collaborating together can and will do. The mind blowing power it generates makes a significant difference. Whatever we face in this world ongoing can be overcome and defeated by the wonderful coming together in perfect alignment and the awesome energy and strength that a synergy of minds generates.

Being defeated or overcome is not in our vocabulary. In order to consistently produce the level of thinking that your mind will need you may well find yourself being more responsible in order to maintain a high level of sustained focus. Consider it a positive challenge.

What Like Minded People Really Want And Do

The goal of ‘like minded people’ is to give, bring and deliver new life to a common cause and be in harmony and have mutual understanding on a core subject. That is the bottom line. We are only united but never divided. Have fun, hug, smile, be strong minded, contribute meaningfully and you will see the great birth of new ideas and thoughts. Once the foundation and platform is established it helps to deliver regularly the new generated thoughts with the desired results almost guaranteed.

In the final analysis you can be proud of being a part of something very special.

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