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The Vital Role of Genes Within You

Pure Power - The Role Of Genes

DNA And The Role Of Genes

Inside your body you have an instruction manual called genes. Within the majority of your cells in your body is a chemical you are very familiar with called DNA.

Essentially a gene is a short section of DNA. The wonderful process of all this is that your genes contain the actual instructions that duly inform your cells to make the molecules which we know better as proteins.

Functions Of The Proteins

The required action of the proteins is to perform a variety of functions in our bodies in order to keep us healthy and well.

Genes are traits or codes of data that are passed on by our parents to us. These are normally characteristics that are inherited from our parents. They are part of our makeup and DNA. It is related to our identity and is an essential part of who we are. It’s a good feeling generally for people to know they are somebody and generally part of a connected Family.

Although there are typically 21,000+ genes in the average human there are at least 8 common genes. The total number varies between 20,000 – 25,000 within every human being with 1 pair of genes representing both parents. You have 2 copies of each gene which are in essence inherited from both parents.

Each human cell typically has 23 pairs of chromosomes 46 in total. These are long strands of DNA where Telomeres can potentially be found… Telomeres we will cover separately in a future article as it’s a very exciting subject due to recent fact based discoveries…

The Most Important Genes

    The common Genes and identifying them –

  • 2 Genes to suppress Cancer cells
  • 2 Genes for Neurogenesis – the growth of new neurons
  • Gene that signals stem cells
  • Gene for Oxidative stress
  • Gene for Sickle cell anemia
  • Gene for Tay sachs disease

These health related genes that are there for better health.

When you are in survival mode for any extended period of time no organism can survive in a survival situation. One bad thought can seriously upset your body – Hormones of stress down regulate genes and create disease often with long term affects. We should turn on our problems otherwise chemicals are generated because of thought alone.

The Damaging Effect Of Negative Emotions

Ultimately our thoughts can make us sick… Negative emotions such as Anger, Hatred, Guilt, Fear, Envy, Jealousy and Shame have a very damaging effect on our body if we spend too much time thinking in survival mode.
Positive thoughts will always have the opposite effect to negative thoughts.

When we focus on being grateful and appreciate what we have these thoughts have the benefit of releasing us from negative thinking and up regulate our Genes. This action has a positive knock on affect for our health.
Every Cell in the Body is responsible for making Proteins except Red Blood cells.

Our Bodies are amazing protein producing machines. A gene has to be regulated in a cell. There are typically 23,688 genes that make the whole body. This has been determined in recent times especially recent months where there is more certainty about the typical number of genes within us.

They Help Make Us Unique

Our DNA is responsible for originally building and then maintaining ongoing our human body. The genes are part segments of our DNA which invariably help make us unique. Unlike a computer our body has a complete comprehensive instruction manual that informs our cells what to do and where to go. It is an effective guidance system that keeps the cells on check and on track. In accordance our cells know how to behave and exactly what to do.

On the basis that we now know so much more about our genes and the wonder of what they can and will do for us and how they protect us then we should appreciate and respect them more. There is no doubt about that.

We should be more caring and mindful of how we treat ourselves, our bodies and what we think, eat, drink and what we physically do to ourselves. There is absolutely no good in doing all kinds of crazy things to ourselves and then expecting our genes to save the day. We most definitely have to be more thoughtful and respectful to ourselves and others…

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