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Using AI – Be Smarter When Working With It

Be Smarter When Working &Amp; Using Ai

Stay Sharp With AI

It’s not just a case of being smarter when working with and using AI (stands for Artificial Intelligence) it is also very important to stay sharp.

Many people become slaves to newer, faster, smarter technology just thinking the new latest advanced technology will make their lives easier.


The Challenge Using AI

The massive challenge is that many people not only let smarter gadgets and software take over many of the things the humans used to do but now the new technology has the presence and power (when allowed) to make those tasks redundant replacing jobs and various skill sets and job functions. People’s brains used to be stimulated in doing many of those tasks but now the involvement of people has been eliminated forever.

The consequence of letting the likes of Artificial Intelligence (AI) take over many different aspects of our lives is that many neurons in the human brain will start to shut down unless a very worthwhile brain-stimulating substitute is found. This is potentially very debilitating and damaging to the mind making many people dumber not smarter. At the same time many thousands of different job functions are being made irrelevant by AI. They call it progress…

Using AI Needs Attention

You have the final say in many things currently however your voice may well be drowned out as the future develops… Make your voice be heard while you still have a say. Consequently, you should remain sharper and much more aware of all that is happening around you. Things are changing and developing faster than you think. People should not just accept everything as presented as they need to be critical and objective.

Some of the many things to be aware of when working with AI… With writing for example you have English English and then American English. When you are living in Europe you should be using English English. However Grammarly (an IA product for correcting grammar will correct you with American English recommendations always… Being mindful you need to overrule.

While AI has definitely moved on considerably over the last few years it is not always aware of other circumstances. Audio interpretation of Articles is not always on point with live interviews which actually sometimes turn out quite different. The recommendation is to at least keep pace with AI which means staying in tune on all developments, being subjective and staying alert to artificial intelligence in general.

Using AI – The Fake Interview With Michael Schumacher

A recent magazine front page headline article in Germany about an alleged interview with Michael Schumacher the famous former world champion Formula One racing driver was fake as it was actually generated by AI and the family of Schumacher were looking to sue the magazine. However dealing with AI is a very grey area…

It was rather a very sick interview alleged to have taken place with somebody who is still on a long rehabilitation journey. The skiing accident he had in December 2013 left him in a coma for 12 months. Michael suffered a very bad head and brain injury. He has been recovering at his home in Switzerland ever since ably comforted by his wife Corinna and family.

When you consider the current health of Michael Schumacher who is currently still convalescing at home the whole thing is appalling and not something that should have happened. A bad example for using AI.

Using AI – Summary

Ultimately one may use and work with AI but you really need to stay sharp and be one step ahead of the technology where possible. It is vitally important to remain alert and be wise to what is coming. There is increasing need to be better prepared for not only what is here now but especially what is coming in the coming months and years. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will only keep increasing in power and significance.

One of the main questions that remain is: Will you stay put where you are or will you increase your knowledge and intelligence to keep better pace with what is coming next… This is a hugely important question if you want to stay significant in a different world that will continue to evolve and change but faster.

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