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Changing the End to the Story in your Life Movie

Changing The End To The Story In Your Life Movie


Amazingly in the inner workings of the brain you can affect change and completely impact your outer physical world that directly changes your personal development.

This ultimately alters the original thoughts and results in a different outcome in the final analysis. This means you can thoughtfully decide to have a different outcome to your life movie.

Your Story of Life – Your Life Movie

Naturally you can of course cause change to the potential conclusion to the story however this is about having a profound involvement in influencing a more desired outcome. You are playing an academy award winning role in producing, directing and starring in the lead part and making the movie of your life story more or less exactly as you planned it.

There are never any lifelong happiness guarantees in life and such is the case here. But there is an opportunity to design a better outcome and help to make a significant difference.

You can look to create and design things in advance that will mean a crystal clear result in what you achieve. By Visualising, rehearsing and continually following through repeatedly the mind will eventually accept the story you present as real true life.

Change yourself With Help of your Brain

The Brain does not know the difference between Fantasy and Reality and this is an amazing fact. By bypassing the conscious mind and the analytical mind you are then dealing directly with the subconscious mind. By going from the Beta level to almost beyond the Alpha to the Theta level (on the border) you can make the greatest impact. At this level you can truly affect change and potentially have the best desired outcome.

The movie of your life instead of the story having a predictable outcome that was possibly deemed inevitable based on family history or the chartered course you seem to be on, you one day applied the break to your life so far.

You changed the direction, took a right turn resulting in a different outcome compared to where the story was originally headed with a now potentially far happier ending. In your mind and body you have the tools within you to determine a more favourable result to the story of your life. You have the chemistry within you and now you can learn how to best channel that energy to produce the story.

Making a plan in detail with a written end goal and carefully thinking it through and then going over it in your mind repeatedly with images, words and strong emotions can better affect change. You can influence the story and make the movie become your Life. There are different kinds of movies but the comparison here is between a fiction film and a movie based on a true story.

A New Script – A New Story – a  New Life Movie

The story here is about the particular story you ultimately want it to be. You decide that this story will be told like a real life epic and one many people will want to see and hear about.

You are changing awareness, changing the possible reality and deciding on a more desired destination. You are at a junction where you have to exit your current environment, make this new experience work by dedicating yourself to the part you are now playing in this movie. Remember in order to have a chance to win an academy award you have to be totally convincing in your performance and it must be portrayed like nothing else you’ve ever done before. This is like a work of exceptional excellence that delivers all that is best and leaves the judges with only one definite decision to make…

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