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Artificial Intelligence Already in Your World

Artificial Intelligence Already In Your World

AI And Your Life

You may be thinking that artificial intelligence (AI) is not going to be involved in your life very much. Well sorry unless you live in some remote location and have nothing to do with a myriad of new technologies such as electronic devices, computers, cars, houses, towns and cities etc then you are in for a rude awakening.

It’s already been here for some years and every day it grows with increasing presence and authority…

Artificial intelligence AI is practically everywhere and the good or bad news is it’s only going to grow ever faster and expand its massive circle of influence. In this article we highlight some of the key areas of your life that AI is already involved in. You encounter artificial intelligence from morning until night on so many different levels and things you do daily. These days it would be extremely difficult to get away from it. Large big tech companies are very focused on AI so its presence everywhere will continue to expand evermore.

7 Ways AI Potentially Impacts Your Life

Here are several different ways that artificial intelligence potentially impacts your life and probably already affects you currently:

1. Face ID used with Smart phones in face recognition systems can be used to generally identify people in both photos and images for example. There are a number of company buildings employing this technology to gain entry to a more secure or sensitive location in a building. Infrared technology is a special element included meaning it can be used both in the day or night time.

2. Social Media especially Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and more. AI is working behind the scenes on your preferences for Images, Ads, Music, and Posts (you make).

3. Emailing – Grammarly and Spell Check will automatically do spell checks and then make spell prompts

4. Google Search – which so many of us depend on – when you Google search AI is searching Google’s vast memory banks for you for the answers you seek. Search engines could not search the entire vast regions of the Internet without AI.

5. Digital Voice Assistants such as Alexa, Siri, Digital assistants seeking answers to your questions and queries. Systems such as language processing and typical generation are driven by AI and return answers to your questions and enquiries.

6. Smart Home Devices – are for ever increasing – Thermostats, Televisions, Refrigerators, Alarms, Cameras, Door Bells, Vacuum cleaners, speakers. These devices deal with Heating, cooling, programming, music moods, food suggestions, wine suggestions, lighting, create lists and more…

7. Commuting – Travel aids enabled by artificial intelligence provide more than Google maps and travel apps, Traffic news, updates, weather reports, route suggestion etc.

8. Banking – AI is used for example in dealing with customer service interaction, providing general responses to questions 24/7/365 also risk generation, financial services in general, market trends, shares and options software.

9. Amazon – Amazon AI solves human cognitive problems associated with human intelligence through machine and deep learning. Alexa is consistently used by Amazon to answer and resolve questions and queries.

10. Biometrics is used in identification. Used in computer science as a form of identifying and the 5 main areas are Fingerprints, Facial, Voice, Iris and Finger patterns.

Artificial Intelligence – The Chat GPT App

There is a widening consensus on Chat GPT and people who are not familiar with this software want to know more about it as it becomes increasingly more apparent. Essentially Chat GPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot developed by open AI that is trained to follow a instruction prompt and provide a detailed response. Chat GPT is currently the latest updated model.

The warning for you is that it will become increasingly easier for people to become a slave of smart technology and artificial intelligence. It will get to the point that people will not need to use their brains very much anymore because practically everything will be done for them.

Embrace the AI technology and use it to your best advantage

You have to rise above and make sure you are stimulating and using your Brain consistently and constantly for some hours every day. We all need ideally both mental and physical exercise on a regular basis where possible. Cognitive development is an ongoing life benefit to include AI and work with it.

By all means use some of the great benefits of AI but avoid becoming a zombie as so many people are already selling themselves short to. When you stay mindful you are in better control and remain focused on your life journey…

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