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Changing Directions, Changing You

Changing Directions -Changing You

Changing You And Your Directions Appears To Be Scary

Finally when you set your mind to it and ultimately change direction it initially takes you on a scary uncertain journey.

Without doubt changing habits can be extremely difficult especially when stepping into the unknown.

You can equally feel both apprehensive and magical in the same breadth.

Changing You is a Chance

But this is a chance to demystify the mystical and start a first new chapter in a new life ready to tackle anything.

Eventually once having made the change you feel exhilarated, alive. Change is potentially great when it is for the right reasons and when you employ the correct focus and determination to fully action the original initiative. Having a committed written goal ideally with a plan to change is a great place to start.

You establish a foundation and then build from there. With the right balanced Meditation you will sow the seeds and then with continued recommended meditation, visualisation and focus you will deliver meaningful change into your life faster.

When you make the profound decision to change it is a brave and courageous step. Just know you will make it work and it might take longer but be of the belief you will make it no matter what it takes. Failure must be eliminated from your mind as we all sometimes fail, nobody is perfect, however we do find another way if necessary.

Change Your Brain

What change does is open up new neurons in our Brain. It reinvigorates your brain. New neural pathways open up. You feel alive. With the bad habits of the past you had become stale but now because of this refreshing huge change in direction new life has been injected into your mind and body. Your body which had after some time taken control over you is now suddenly forced to climb down and the brain has once again returned to its rightful status as President and Head of state no longer playing a back street role.

When the brain leads from the front it no longer acts like a servant or slave just following orders, but in a more thought provoking, dynamic, energetic manner.

Your Brain needs to be more stimulated, with regular mental exercise, it needs to be better respected and appreciated as well as gainfully employed. We all to a greater or lesser degree under value our brain and we consistently take it for granted and ignore its true capacity and power.

New Habits versus Old Habits

Deciding to change brings a new dilemma and that is about you. The main thought is about re-inventing yourself and knowing that there is a real need to change the inner and outer you. All change has to come from within and initially it’s a struggle, a fight but with persistency and consistency you will overcome the old habits and take full control of the situation and establish the new habits.

Your personality has to ideally change and you do need to be very determined, defiant and resist the temptation to fall back to the old habits. Welcome and embrace the new you and let other people see that a new special you has arrived. You have to continually work on the intended change in the first few weeks as this time is critical. It takes time for any major change to be firmly cemented in your brain and for the new neural pathways to completely open up and accept what has happened.

After a few weeks when the new change/changes have been fully absorbed the roots start to bear fruit. Initially the seeds of change were being nurtured in the incubator of your mind and then suddenly clear development happens which results in pure change in the positive way.

When a refreshing new start begins it is a time to celebrate and especially a few weeks further down the line then the new habit takes root and grows. Witnessing the new life (metaphorically speaking) being born and then growing steadily is a meaningful time to appreciate and know that the new life has been born to grow.

Changing You – Summary

It is an exciting time to fully embrace change. When you do this you are more likely to permanently accept the new habit just like it was always originally there

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