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Body Language Needs No Translation

Body Language
Licensed By Dreamstime/Martin Jeszke

One of the most fascinating languages in life and the world we live in is body language.

It’s amazing what you can interpret through observing different people’s body language and ndon-verbal communication.

Body Language As Defence?

Once you learn some of the key skills and learn how best to read the key messages being conveyed then you will overcome many challenges in Life.

Simultaneously you will improve your odds of success in what you are striving to do.

People often use Body Language as a kind of defence mechanism under the pretext that you have no idea what they are doing and that you know nothing about how best to read the signals.

Signals Can Be Powerful

However if you learn about a relevant number of signals and how to translate into the specific meaning the particular body movement conveyed will result in a much smoother outcome.

It may well benefit the job you do. It could be extremely advantageous to know the signs when somebody is not happy with what you propose but does not actually say so however the non verbal communication tells a different story.

Then you have a chance once having carefully read the situation to react in a different way and perhaps respond in a more positive way. That person may well be particularly happy with you having paid attention and reacted in accordance with the signal portrayed.

In the past if I was meeting with a CEO,  a director or a senior manager or presenting to a board of directors I would sometimes use Body Language to my advantage but at the same time I would attempt to read the body language signals of the people who I was meeting with.

Often the body language became much easier when I spoke in the language they understood. They became more receptive to what I had to say and a rapport was established. Business consultancy could then blossom from there.

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