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Focused Attention

Focused Attention
Photo Owned By Martin Jeszke

What is focused attention and what for?

Well, in order to be on track in many things in life ideally being focused is the way to go. Depending on the particular scenario kind of determines the level of focus that you require.

Having a laser focus means you are case on point and you are more likely to complete your task very satisfactorily.

Being completely mindful and 100% on target would most likely result in you achieving the objective that you originally set out to do.

Focused Mind And Body

A focused mind enables the brain to be totally in harmony with your body and level of thinking. It’s amazing what being focused means. You personally feel especially good about yourself and what you achieve. The end result justifies the means.

The result is amazing by comparison and you are much happier by the achieved objective. Being laser focused is about being totally present. You are crystal clear in your intentions and you are zoned in to the target. You know exactly what you are doing and you stay on track.

There is nothing better than being on the right road and staying on point when there are so many distractions. Maintaining the laser focus is paramount to getting the main priorities done. The initial objective to any day is dealing with the main priorities and ensuring that you achieve the things that really matter.

Focused Attention? Avoid Distractions!

When you avoid major distractions like social media, news reports, minor issues with your home etc you will get more important things done. If you start your day jumping from one thing to another you will achieve very little and probably nothing worthwhile. When you are laser focused from the start you will achieve far more and equally benefit from a more satisfactory day.

Successful people do not let themselves be easily distracted no matter what. They stay locked on to each target and get more things done as a consequence. The roads they travel on are like Roman roads which are straight unlike many people in life who travel on roads that meander and have many side turnings and some points of no return.

When you act like you know where you’re going then those who waste time will often get out of the way. They do not want to be in sight when you easily glide past them…

Staying on track and remaining laser focused is one of the keys to a more successful future. People also respect you more because you clearly demonstrate that you know where you are going. You are on a mission and you do not have time to waste. It’s clear in your body language with regard to both your body movement and your eyes. The eyes show a zest for life. Happening people show they have what it takes to get things done.

They are the movers and the shakers. Knowing people that get on with their lives instead of making excuses for failure are to be envied. Failure is not the issue as long as you don’t continue to make the same mistakes. Learning from mistakes is vital then you move on.

Focus Needs To Be Crystal Clear

When you focus it needs to be sharp. You need to be crystal clear. Therefore your objective and target is not fuzzy or unclear. You have 20/20 vision of the target and there is absolutely no doubt.

There are a few additional factors to be very sure of. When you have a passion about something in particular you can be even more focused. When you also add to the ingredients emotion then there is an excellent cocktail. Emotion is like the icing on the cake.

The realism is very dramatic and you lock in these special super powers then many more things are possible. Sharpening the focus is highly recommended so that ultimately you get more done. Your Brain is more in harmony with what you want ideally to achieve.

When you set out to achieve certain goals you have to be focused if you ultimately want to achieve those goals. Goals in writing are an initial statement of intent and it is a way to make a commitment to you. It is the first part of being focused. An unfocused person has no goals or objectives as they wander aimlessly through life.

They have a foggy vision and no clarity as there is a mist hanging over them. You however with your crystal clear focused vision know exactly where you are going and you equally know exactly how to get there.
Source of photo: Martin Jeszke

What is an example of focused attention?

Some examples of focused attention are listening to a speech, a lecture, reading a book, driving a car (especially a new car, watching a film or show and or preparing and making something without distraction. This level of focus allows the brain to take in the whole task without it being distracted by a number of other thoughts and processes. In this way you capture a lot more of the subject matter.

However, you have both Sustained and Selective Attention depending on what is best suited to your needs

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