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Making Your Mind More Responsible

Making Your Mind More Responsible
Licensed By Pixabay/Martin Jeszke

Sometimes you have to shift your mind.

Yes, there have been times when we all have been there and not taken responsibility for our actions. However as we grow older and become more accountable there are those of us who do suddenly think, do and say that it’s time to be more responsible for all that we do.

Some of us at least think and take action accordingly that the time has come to plan better, set goals and commit to them in writing and prove to our loved ones that we can be more serious and successful.

Laser Targeting One´s Mind

Human beings can sometimes be fascinating creatures. The decisions we make are regularly interesting and decisive and can be reflective of other factors. It can also be as a result of other specific reasons. Now before we embark on this journey we need to have focus and commitment.

Laser targeting your mind in thought will make your mind take on added management responsibility. Thinking makes it so in the serious sense. However thinking followed by immediate actions make it happen in reality even more.

When you are looking to do the right thing, be assertive and ultimately be seen in the right most accountable light then you need to crack on and avoid excuses for under performance. Therefore you have to be zoned in to your target and be committed to the objective. It’s easy to talk about things but actions always speak louder than words…

Harmonising The Action Of The Mind And Body

When you harmonise the action of the Mind and Body you enable a perfect marriage of the very 2 key things you need working in harmony with in order to achieve the best result.

It’s a very good thing to take responsibility at the outset upfront so that the road you travel on has a very good chance of being the right one. Your mind is likely to be in full agreement with you and all your subsequent actions.

The Master and the Slave concept working in harmony will therefore eliminate the need to circumvent this situation as a parallel will have been drawn in the beginning before this journey started.

You are organised and thoughtful and respectful of your thoughts and agree to an organised platform. You may be pleased with yourself for having taken such a stance.

Preorganising A Better Plan

Taking the position of managing a situation from the start is definitely a good thing as we may have a tendency to just dive into the task without planning ahead. By taking responsibility initially you are pre organising a better plan and a better end result potentially.

You are being transparent and accountable and showing others that you are a credible individual. Although in the past I have been on both sides of the fence regarding this I now look to lean towards taking more responsibility from the outset.

Organising your bases from the start means that you a serious player and that you are being more professional and consequently should gain more respect for what you do. There is no doubt that when you think it through before you feel better about your guided thoughts and actions as a consequence.

You are preparing the foundation in your mind and then building upon that to potentially erect something great possibly a skyscraper! By your original actions your creative right brain will likely offer up some additional ideas and thought that could contribute to a more successful outcome.

Giving Your Mind A Job To Do

The affirmation “I am Responsible” comes to mind when you are especially in this case thinking ahead. When you are in charge of your own destiny you have a better feeling about what is and what will happen. You ultimately do right by yourself. Being more responsible makes you more confident and focused.

It helps define you better. It makes you more responsible to others knowing that they are more likely to be more respectful towards you. They will be happier about what you are striving to achieve. People will be more confident in you and what you aiming to achieve. Thankfully they are likely to be right about the results you are most likely to reach.

In the final analysis you are giving your mind a job to do and you are indirectly saying that we need to work together to achieve a result here. As the objective is crystal clear you are advising in advance that we should and need to work in harmony.

Therefore the brain and the body have to be in alignment, be on the same parallel and mutually agree to the instruction from the first starting point. Success has a more likely extended guarantee…

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