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The 5 Brain States

Dr. Lozanov´s Discovery Of Brain States
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Dr. Lozanov´s Discovery of Brain States

Over 25 years ago I was reading about a Bulgarian scientist called Dr. Georgi Lozanov who had discovered that the Brain had 4 different levels or states of Mind.  In recent years it has been discovered that there is another level, resulting in 5 brain states.

Much research, study and further understanding has been concluded in more recent years where we now have a much greater awareness and more comprehensive knowledge of the workings of the Brain.

We have now had more extensive information that extends well beyond the original boundaries to the point where we can make this understanding work for us extremely well.

Defying original myths in the medical profession and conquering long-held fears about what was originally thought to be certain incurable diseases.

Now incredibly unlike the past, we can tackle some of these diseases successfully. This is both stunning and enlightening in the same breath…

Five Different Brain States

The 5 different Brain states are (measured by EEG electroencephalograph)

  • Delta
  • Theta
  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Gamma

They operate at different levels as follows:
Brain Level Type Waves per Second

  • Delta 0 – 4
  • Theta 5 – 8
  • Alpha 9 – 12
  • Beta A 13 – 20 (lower level)
  • Beta B 21 – 29 (higher level)
  • Gamma 31 – 100

Best Brain States For Learning: Theta and Alpha

Doctor Georgi Lozanov a medical doctor who specialised in psychiatry and psychotherapy set up a learning clinic in Sofia based on his research and findings while travelling. He determined that the 2 best modes for learning are Theta and Alpha.

He experimented very successfully with Accelerated Learning Techniques tapping into these 2 particular special modes of learning. The Brain operates like a highly sophisticated computer that is actually more powerful than a thousand computers.

When you recognise and appreciate the truly awesome power of your Brain and all the wonderful things it can do then it’s time to take meaningful advantage.

The Potential Impact Of Your Brain

Some of the incredible things the Brain can deliver better results with include:

  • Meditation (at a higher level)
  • Accelerated Learning
  • Healthier Living
  • Enhanced Improved Body Health
  • Dealing successfully with different types of infections and diseases

The Power Of Dr. Lazanov´s Meditation Technique

When you combine quality meditation with mindfulness, pure consciousness or baroque classical musical (which harmonises perfectly with the brain) your Brain drops down to a more relaxed state and is able to absorb information at a more advanced level with greater comprehension.

This is truly fascinating and a technique that Dr Georgi Lozanov originally perfected after several attempts and trials.

He worked mainly with groups of 16 – 20 students maximum (notably with all different learning abilities); Especially interesting was the subject i.e. French which was a language completely alien to the Bulgarian students who had no previous familiarity with the French language…

Realize The Power Of Your Brain States

Realising and appreciating the power of your amazing Brain in order to take the correct steps to gain the advantage of your awesome brain system.

We have a number of special abilities yet despite knowing this many people just ignore the wonder of themselves and just carry on doing the same thing as yesterday. Use the talents you were born with and utilise its strength.

When you understand much better the workings of the Brain it will help you more and more especially when you fully understand what you have. Identifying with the tools of the Body is an extremely important factor to achieving success as a result.

Understanding the Power of the Mind and Body enables you to work with the really excellent tools you were born with but needed developing, understanding at a higher level and further training.

Having a very good Personal Development understanding would also help you combine the key elements that blend and go together like a perfect marriage. Special techniques and particular human abilities such as

1) Utilising your brain effectively
2) Understanding the best modes for learning and tapping into the key Brain states of Alpha and Theta
3) Using the power of meditation in its best most unique form
4) Practising and utilising the power of gratitude and what it means to sincerely appreciate the special things in life which then contributes to the Body being in harmony with the Brain

Conclusion: Benefits For You and Others

Recognising more of your hidden talents and abilities will just enable you to access them so learn to use them effectively for the benefit of you and others close to you. Being true to people and yourself only then makes you especially worthy of these talents.

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