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Eliminating Negative Emotions (Where Possible)

Eliminating Negative Emotions (Where Possible)
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25 Different Negative Emotions To Master

There are over 25 different negative emotions. The leading favourites in the charts this week is jealousy and anger and yes the old favourite of stress is making a comeback!

It’s amazing how many people hang onto negative emotions and yet they do not realise how much these emotions are dictating the lives they lead.

Negative emotions can be very instrumental in routing you down a different road away from where you want to go. They distract, detract and divert you away from your originally intended course and purposeful destination…

Pay Attention To Your Energy Field

The energy field that you have can be damaged and reduced in size by negative emotions meaning that instead of protecting you from infection and diseases it makes you more vulnerable. When the energy field is reduced in size by being in a continual period of anger or stress over days or weeks for example then you are more exposed. Being exposed for a sustained period of time to negative emotions you definitely become more susceptible to infections. This is very sad.

Avoid Getting Stuck Through Self Sabotage

People often get stuck on some negative emotions repeatedly and as a consequence receive and act on the negative messages continually repeated in the mind. As a consequence the individual is drained of positivity and feels a lack of energy and a will to crack on.

These negative messages are often sent in advance like “ I always get a cold or the flu at Christmas time” and of course the original message is received in June or July for example leading to the mind being programmed in advance for something you definitely don’t need or want.

However guess what happens in December yes you catch a cold or the flu all because your mind was programmed in advance… Why do people allow a situation like that to happen? It’s like being subservient to a dictator’s whims and wishes and bowing to the rubbish they espouse… Do not sign up or allow yourself to be targeted in such a way.

People Can Get Obsessed By Negative Emotions

Negative emotions especially like anger, hatred and jealousy can be so intense for many people that the likelihood is that the person can be so enraged with the emotion that it consumes the individual to the extreme. This leads to the person having pains in the chest, becoming over obsessed with the negative emotion. It unfortunately drives the person over the edge and makes the individual very dangerously vulnerable to a heart attack or the very minimum being unwell in a variety of different ways.

When people get into debt and things get gradually worse and their lives spiral out of control into a canyon of darkness of worry and intense pressure caused by the negative thoughts which continuously pound them almost into submission the person can collapse under the huge weight of negativity.

If only the individual sat down and thought about it and wrote some goals and devised a plan to dig they’re life out of the continuing downward cycle. Then by making a plan, talking to professional people and coming to an arrangement they then can and will climb out of a deep hole and then live to fight another day.

The mind becomes free to explore more positive things and crack on better with life. It’s worth remembering banks for example employ thousands of people in the loans department and by speaking to these people they mutually agree a plan and plot a way forward and out of trouble.

This drastically reduces the negative thoughts and people then realise there are people employed to help. By the very action of talking to a professional they shift the problem away and will immediately feel great relief. Psychologically it’s now someone else’s problem.

Win the Battle for A Better Life

It’s massively important to win not only the battle with negative emotions but ultimately for a much better productive life you need to win the war as well. You ideally want a life free of all negative emotions and especially negative control. You don’t need or want chains of negativity holding you back.

You don’t want pains causing you health problems and threatening your very existence on this planet. You surely want a life where you can go freely in the knowledge that you’re most positive thoughts will reign supreme and then take you to whichever place that you have a mind to go to.

Negative emotions are extremely damaging and therefore should not be entertained into your life for one minute. Yes it’s okay to sometimes have a little stress as long as you control it and stay on top. Never allow it to dominate your thoughts. You are master of your own destiny so be mindfully resilient and you will then reach the intended destination you have in mind…

Your Very Thoughts Rule the Waves

Remember it’s your very thoughts that rule the waves and so you must change the negative thoughts by substituting negative with positive thoughts and then suddenly you will benefit from a massive total change of mind and body.

Whether you want or not Thoughts make it so…

Some of the many unwanted Negative Emotions:

Jealousy, Anger, Hatred, Distrust, Envy, Contempt, Spiteful, Fear,

Stress, Guilt, Frustration and Vengeance.


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