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Negative Beliefs

Negative Beliefs
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Many people want to change and be free from the negative beliefs that they have locked onto for an extended period of time in their lives.

But How Can We Change Negative Beliefs?

They continuously think and talk about change but due to the abnormity of the perceived challenges faced they repeatedly put off the great challenge and fall back on the old negative beliefs.

This is one of the great barriers that people face and do not actually realise you have to circumvent the analytical mind. You need to do this in order to travel from the Conscious Mind to the Subconscious Belief Mind. In doing so you have to overcome that huge barrier called the analytical mind. It is a formidable obstacle to overcome.

The Analytical Mind As A Barrier

In real terms it is a major positive achievement to be happy and proud of achieving as you effectively travel from the negative to the positive side and turn your world around for the better. The relief in scaling that giant wall is immense and as a consequence it will make you believe in yourself more. It will give you that extra confidence.

One of the very best ways to scale this considerable hurdle is to Meditate and specifically when you experience pure consciousness you go from the Beta brainwave level down to Alpha and potentially to Theta Belief brainwave levels which is deep in the canyons of your mind.

You naturally overcome the negative chatter; ignore all the anti positive messages and now you have a real crack at the source at what in essence makes the most amazing and significant difference.

Breathing And Positive Beliefs

The conscious mind can only retain one thought at a time so when you have a negative belief thought you can easily substitute it with a positive thought. You can do this by doing some deep breathing. In order to deep breath you have to focus on specifically what you’re doing thereby easily replacing the locked on negative thought from your mind. Then you can immediately refocus your mind on a positive belief thought.

Ten of the most negative self-limiting beliefs to let go of…

  • I can’t do this. It’s impossible…
  • I’m not worthy of loving
  • I don’t deserve and I am not worthy of this
  • I’m not ready yet and maybe I never will be
  • This is too difficult and virtually impossible
  • I can’t change me
  • I don’t have enough money
  • I don’t have enough time
  • not good at business
  • I can’t make appointments

There is nothing worse than holding onto negative beliefs for a prolonged period of time as this can lead to increasing stress and invariably health problems. It is imperative to change course to positive beliefs even if they are visualised beliefs.

Within your positive subconscious mind you are able to focus on beliefs that are real to you. Relate to the positive beliefs that provide you with a purpose, a target and a goal to aim for.

Negative thoughts and beliefs locked onto for an extended period of time can be damaging to your immune system by reducing the energy field that provides you with extra protection against infections and diseases.

It is vital that you strengthen your body and thoughts by continuously focusing on the positive beliefs of gratitude, appreciation, and good health, well being and staying on track regardless to the cause of you as a winner. Imagination is crucial in supporting your belief system as it helps to support and strengthen your beliefs.

The more you visualise, imagine and repeat the positive movies the greater the clarity you have when replaying the movie in your mind. Effectively you reinforce the belief.

Negative beliefs are very destructive and you must without doubt alter course away from self limiting beliefs. Many people suffer endlessly through self inflicted negative beliefs. Their health suffers enormously because the immune system is under constant attack and is weakened which is caused by the sustained negative stress attack.

This can lead to chest pains caused by the constant bombardment of negative destructive thoughts. The depressed feelings and repetitive sequence of daily mixed negative emotions is a potentially lethal cocktail.

The origin of negative beliefs is very often from that period of a child’s life called the formative years (0 -8 years but especially 5 – 8 years ) where much of the early cognitive development in a child takes place. The negative baggage has been carried by many people by upto 20 – 30 years or more. It can often stem from destructive negative comments from one or two parents or other adults to the child.

The child can be continuously targeted with repeated daily negative barrage of soul destroying comments. When there is a sustained negative attack on a child’s mind and personality invariably it has a damaging lasting effect and can last for many years or even a lifetime. When its identified and released the relief it brings is a wonderful sigh of relief. The boost in energy and positivity suddenly comes rushing in and then you realise just how powerful and amazing the effect is.

Changing your beliefs therefore from negative to positive is a life altering experience and an absolute must when it comes to having a more fulfilling healthy belief lifestyle. The relief of stress, tension and negative emotions not only relieves you but simultaneously boosts your energy and positive emotions which consequently has the natural knock on effect of helping you generate better ideas and be more creative.

Instead of being weighed down by negativity you suddenly have more space and time to think more positively and clearer.

When you stop to think what is happening you will better appreciate the consequences of positive change in beliefs. Reflecting on gratitude and giving thanks is an important step to a new belief system. Ultimately having travelled this far you now want to cement the positive new beliefs to ensure that there is no going back to the old belief systems….

You ideally want to be free of the negativity and a changed belief system will result in a more radiant positive happy you.



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