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Child’s Mind V Adults Mind

Child’s Mind V Adults Mind
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The Human Mind – Children and Adults

Children are both immediate and spontaneous and often we as Adults think that it would be wonderful to sometimes just be like a child again and be instinctively spontaneous and do certain things without thinking and analysing everything…

But the mind of an adult and in comparison that of a child are working differently.

Going Back To Child Years

Just going back to those earlier formative years as a child now and again would be rewarding to your mental well-being. Interestingly if you take your own children or grandchildren to the likes of Disneyworld then in order to really enjoy the time at the theme parks you have to behave like a kid again for those hours you spend together. It is the best way to enjoy yourself!

Sometimes as a child you remember doing things that at the time you thought I can do and get away with it because I am only a little kid! Other times you did a certain thing that was seen as very special. It was just a pure beautiful moment where you did something that was spectacular because it was deemed to be instinctively spontaneous in its purest form. We as Adults would sometimes give anything to be just like that again for even just one more moment in time…

Barriers and Procrastination – an Adult´s Approach

As the years go by and you become an adult things change drastically. You frequently dwell on things and look at all the potential problems. You put obstacles in your way and then determine all the reasons why you cannot do whatever it is that you were thinking to do in the first place.

Many of the barriers we place in our way are just excuses to avoid doing a job or even trying. We procrastinate sometimes because we are a little lazy or lack enthusiasm for the job or project for example….

This is funny why you would delay sometimes doing certain things and leaving until tomorrow instead of doing that job or favour right now or today for sure.

Sometimes we delay until it is too late and then the moment is gone forever and then we regret it and sometimes we regret it forever…

Then you think if I only I was instinctively spontaneous in that moment again I would have done it without question and ultimately I would not be feeling guilty for not even having attempted to do the job or favour in the first place. Ideally you would prefer to be without regrets.

The Brain is able to operate on 5 different levels but this is only true when you are an Adult. As a child your Brain is still developing. This explains why Adults are challenged when we place roadblocks in our way. You have a left brain conscious mind and a right brain subconscious mind.

In order to go from the conscious to the subconscious mind you have to overcome the analytical mind which is like a barrier in between. Children do not have an Analytical Mind as the Brain is still developing until the teenage years typically.

Brain Stages and Brain Waves  To Trick Your Mind

The Brain operates at these stages and waves per second –

Delta 0-4 Waves per second
Theta 4-8 Waves per second
Alpha 8-12 Waves per second
Beta 13 – 18 Waves per second (lower part)
Beta 18 – 30 Waves per second (upper part)
Gamma 30 – 100 Waves per second

Interestingly babies 0-2 years are primarily in Delta until they reach minimum 18 months then as a child’s Brain grows and develops they climb to Theta mode from age 2 – 6 and then from 6- 12 years old the Brain goes into Alpha mode and then ultimately Beta lower level when they become a teenager from age 13 and upwards.

There are particular reasons for Adults mainly ascending into Beta upper level and it’s usually connected to people with lots of problems, anxiety, elevated stress levels and negativity in their lives. Gamma would normally be achieved only for example when you are an Adult Ecstatic about something that is truly phenomenal and spectacular.

This understanding finally made sense as to why children are instinctively spontaneous and we as Adults are frequently not. We don’t have to feel so guilty anymore because now as adults we are able to knowingly do something about it…

What is the solution for adults to be able to circumvent the analytical mind and therefore cross over from the conscious mind to the subconscious mind? The key answer is through meditation and where once pure consciousness is practiced and mastered you then have the chance to go from Beta down to Alpha and Theta brain wave levels. At the Theta brain wave level you are more able to influence the outcome and the future…

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