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Self Confidence and Doing Right by YOU

Self Confidence And Doing Right By You

The Guy In The Mirror

Have you had a chat with the guy in the mirror recently? Hopefully he or she is doing very well. You’ll never know if you have not asked the question…

Self  confidence is all about the person you are and who you can and will become. Being the best you could be is a must if you really want to excel in this world.

Building yourself up and rising to the occasion is highly recommended if you want to impress people that you are presenting to and show just how super confident you can be.

This is where you will be fired up and soaring high like a rocket. It’s amazing how you are able to visualise yourself in advance delivering the best performance and then actually following through in reality. They can only be impressed by your confidence and personality and the polished performance you are most likely to deliver.

Walk With Your Head Held High

Walking tall and looking the world right in the eye is something worth doing. Why does it matter? It’s a key sign of Self confidence when you can walk with your head held high. When you walk with poise, confidence and a smile you demonstrate Belief in yourself that shows other people that there is a determined person clearly in command of his or her presence.

This is a special skill to employ if you are able to generate a warm presence about you that makes other individual people very present within your presence. It means that you give each person that you talk to 100% undivided attention.

This is something that former president Bill Clinton was especially good at giving each person he met with his complete undivided attention. You knew when you met with him he was listening intently to what you had say without exception.

Self Confidence in Presentations

There is a need for a degree of courage and a strong mindset in order to conduct a presentation to a group of Directors or a CEO along with other key people in a major corporation or organisation. This is not a case of arrogance or being overconfident but a case of building yourself up step by step to a high level where you knowingly achieve a high level of mind control.

Listening to highly motivational speeches delivered by proven world renowned people who can and will inspire you anytime, anyplace is an excellent way of building yourself up into the frame of mind necessary.

The net result is you become for that time required somebody capable of taking on the world. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you are at that level. Nothing can stop you from potentially achieving any goal when in that mindset…

When presenting to the Directors and senior management of companies and organisations like Microsoft, GCHQ, Flextronics, Allied Bakeries you have to build the confidence within yourself to a high level. You most definitely have to be confident in your own ability and ideally have no cause to doubt the guy in the mirror. Having direct eye to eye contact and being ideally fluent in your delivery while being in complete control of the situation is a must.

The endorphins within you can be tapped into when you are in the zone and that can prove to be a valuable asset when the need arises. It gives you that extra belief in your own performance and intended delivery. There is a rich feeling of euphoria when you are able to utilise your endorphins…

Self Confidence – A Summary

The positive thoughts you go through before looking to demonstrate a very high level of self confidence is ultimately of paramount importance. You build the foundation in advance in your mind and then the skyscraper of confidence comes with it. The sky is then the limit to you…


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