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Being Creative Replaced My Survival Thinking

Being Creative - Creative Mode Versus Survival Mode
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Being creative – Creative mode versus Survival Mode

I am in creative mode as I left the survival mode behind long ago. Wherever I travel, wherever I go I am constantly looking and observing people everywhere.

Why do I do this? There are various reasons. I observe people’s body language, I look at the way they dress, I take account of their lifestyle in relation to diet, I take onboard the personality, the tone of voice, endeavour to identify where the person is from and ultimately I am quite often curious to know if a person has a focus in Life…

Studying human behaviour can be a life saver…

Many people do not have a purpose in Life and are going through life almost in robotic form without goals or focus and drift aimlessly from one day to the next. You often observe in people’s eyes the absence of life itself.

Setting Goals

There is regularly a blank look and it’s a concern when so many people drift through life like being on a ship without a destination. This is really sad. When people just go through the motions and do not take the time to set Goals and make plans for their accomplishment for both themselves and their families so much damage can occur to the likelihood of their well being…

Start Being Creative

Creation is the start of all things exciting and spectacular. Being creative provides a major spark of life to your whole well being. The Frontal Lobe of the Brain is the domain of creation. It is the centre of all activity.

The Forebrain is the king’s throne for deciding on future change when you are firmly in Creative mode. You have sent the signals and a happening has commenced and change is already taking place as you look to seize back control from the Body as the brain will eventually arrest back control and then become champion of your future cause again.

Creativity and Brain Waves

There is a particular happening in regard being creative and that is dropping into the creativity zone and being in a state of pure consciousness. When you practice the art you will find that you can drop rapidly into Alpha and ultimately Theta brain wave states. These are the brain state areas where the best results are achieved.

There are stages when in creative mode when you are likely to be in a state of pure consciousness and you will have detached yourself from everything and everybody. For those periods of time you need to travel this journey and just let yourself go. Enjoy this blissful time as you may well be at your most creative.

Detaching the Thoughts from the Body

From losing your Mind (so to speak) and entering into this state of consciousness you liberate your energy and channel it in a different direction. By detaching from the Body and rerouting your thoughts they now have an entirely separate signature. We are not the same identity and our thinking is completely different.

Switching from survival to creative mode has a completely new outcome. Our creative juices are much more in flow. Our energy levels are heightened. We are no longer in survival mode but in full creative mould. We have bypassed the emotional stage that was both blocking us and under minding our creativity. Thankfully we are so much better off having circumvented this old state of being.

Through the meditative process and being able to channel this new found source of energy which was always there however maybe you were never before able to source this energy. The very act of entering into a deeper state of mind and accessing the deeper consciousness we are now able to enjoy the wonderful world of elevated emotions and experience a much greater richer source of thoughts.

Reaching a Deeper Level of Awareness

Having now reached this deeper level of awareness enables us to be truly creative. Before in survival mode we were sometimes flirting with creativity but rarely able to access the awesome potential of what we have available in the deeper canyons of our mind. This is both amazing and exciting and something that we should be very grateful for. The opportunity now presents itself for our mind to fully explore and experience things that were completely beyond us but now our natural being has cracked the code.

Helping to put together the Mind puzzle 1 piece at a time..

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