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Meditation – The Journey

Licensed By Pixabay/Martin Jeszke

One of the finest meditation techniques is where you would quickly look to employ Pure Consciousness. This is a special method with a specific end goal in Mind.

Consequently starting in this particular way has the potential to transport you to an amazing place. This unique journey provides you with the inner special calm to make it happen. Your deeper awareness starts to become more harmonized and your guided attention more focused. The intended journey is like a virtual trip beyond our Galaxy…

Prepare  The Meditation

In order to prepare to meditate correctly it is advisable to do the following:

1. Meditate preferably either early in the morning or at night (however ideally when you are reasonably sharp and alert when first starting)
2. Find a peaceful space, maybe a room where is no noise or interruptions
3. Prepare with 3 – 5 deep breaths to help clear the mind
4. Clear your mind of cluttered thoughts – look to empty all thoughts and strive to achieve pure consciousness
5. Close your eyes and let your mind drift gently (into semi-consciousness) from Beta level down to Alpha level and maybe even to the lower Theta level (if possible).

The Experience

Experiencing pure consciousness enables you to drop down and be in the ideal state which would ideally be at the Theta level. Emptying your mind and clearing all congestion from your head enables you to establish a neutral stance in which to operate from. This is the perfect place to start. Having the right space and correct environment makes the conditions more favourable for the best results.

Planning and preparing each aspect of what you need to do well usually results in you experiencing something quite special. Not only do you take time to clear your head but immediately you take charge by putting the brakes on (to stop all the thoughts and chatter in your head), clearing your mind completely and then providing yourself with a more ideal base platform.

When you are in a neutral mode you are more likely to experience a more natural dynamic effect. In addition to being in the right state you potentially better experience health benefits and the natural body reaction will most likely be more positive. The overall impact and result will provide a more profound response. The results will improve with practice…

Practice Makes Perfect

You are most likely to be satisfied with the outcome when doing everything correctly. Take your time initially and be mindful of what you do. The first meditation session is a good start and a guide to the future. Once you start it is recommended to have at least a few meditation classes per week. Find where possible the time and space and make it work. The more regularly you do it the better you will get. Practice makes perfect! The results will steadily improve and you will become more experienced.

Introducing regular Meditation sessions into your life will have beneficial results and generally help your mind and body in a myriad of ways. We all need some “me” time and this provides you with a refreshing outlet. Meditation has multiple benefits not only in cleansing your mind, enabling you to more easily change direction in life, it enables you to seek and obtain inner calm but also it is the very basis and foundation for a more healthier mind and body.

Meditation And The Pharmacy In The Body Called You

There is with practice the route to the pharmacy in the body called you. It is the lifeblood of the source…
Once you have trained your mind and body to work in special harmony using the particular Meditation prepare to experience amazing things. This outstanding method of meditation generates the possibility to experience feelings that are genuinely unique and rare. The knowledge and experience that you’ve now acquired will take you to a higher level. Through repetition and practice after maybe 3 or 4 sessions you are then potentially ready to go all the way.

It’s incredible to imagine that we have the natural ability to produce within our own body the very unique chemicals to cure certain infections and diseases. Additionally these chemicals would be totally natural and therefore with no side effects. Your body is truly amazing and is able to produce proven self generated chemicals to transform your health and life….

At this point you might think that nobody ever told you before about this. Maybe you had some feint awareness but you were not as massively aware as you are now. Your knowledge of this wonderful meditation method has given clarity, inspiration and well being to a brilliant concept that exists within you. It is a great feeling to be in possession of these thoughts and awareness and as a consequence feel much the wiser for it. You begin to be aware of the impact on your inner body.

The more you practice and do this meditation the greater the health benefit and impact. The overall mental and physical potential to your health system has the potential to be truly life changing. Be determined, be consistent and stay on track… You want to enjoy and stay on this magnificent journey…

Meditation According To Joe Dispenza

The meditation that we use and highly advocate is the method best recommended by Doctor Joe Dispenza. Both my close friend colleague Christoph and I have followed the excellent meditation method of Joe Dispenza. The next Meditation Journey in part 2 will take us a step further…

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