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Cultures, Friendship and Togetherness

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It’s really amazing what can be achieved when people of mixed cultures collectively come together united as a Team to promote and organise an International Event.

It takes a lot of effort, planning and coordination for a dedicated crew of people from several different countries to organise an International Day for potentially hundreds of people.

Friendship and respect are crucial in making these events happen.

Togetherness Takes A Lot Of Effort

The small group of 15 people were inspired, motivated and had a very good chemistry. In the end over 400 people came and thankfully there was enough food and drink for all the people who attended representing over 45 different countries and cultures.

The success of the event demonstrated clearly that people from many varied cultures can get along very well collectively and have fun and enjoyment for the benefit of the many people who were lucky enough to go. The national costumes from many countries, the large national flags, the flag bunting for 200 countries and all the decorations help make it even more special.

I’ve seen and witnessed this togetherness happen several times now (over the last 10 years) and never once was there any major challenges and everybody without exception really had a lot of joy and fun.

This latest event on April 23rd, 2023 was particularly pleasing as it happened after the very dark times of the peak of Covid in 2020, 2021 and 2022. Thankfully we have emerged from those wilderness years and come back stronger and more united than ever before. Now we are a larger group of people from over 40 different countries which is a thriving and growing community.

Togetherness – Different Nationalities And Every Age Group

The great thing is that we represent not just many different nationalities but every age group from the youngest to the oldest and everything in between. The future of togetherness is bright and there is great potential…

There is nothing better than seeing so many people laughing, smiling, joking, sharing, tasting and experiencing not just the wonderful food from so many different foreign lands but the interaction, bonding and the special opportunity to share and represent your culture and country.

T.E.A.M –  Together everybody achieves more

The T.E.A.M (together everybody achieves more) was able to pull off a major focused initiative and due to the level of freedom with no heavy rules and regulations a great time was had by all. People clearly were thankful and expressed their appreciation. Gratitude was in abundance.

Ultimately what all that came witnessed was a great example of what can happen when a great bunch of like minded individuals deliver a spectacular joyful day. Essentially this was not about religion but about bringing people together in our ethnically multi diverse community.

The future looks much brighter when such an event is very successful. All the people then know what is possible and what greater potential there is for the future. Effectively a foundation is built and established. Consequently everyone knows that there is the chance to build something more special for the months and years ahead.

Togetherness In The Future

Together we are so much stronger and the team ethic removes barriers and overcomes challenges to success. You learn from what you did, review and then look to tweak and improve where possible while keeping the core elements in place.

What do we learn from all of this? What is naturally crystal clear and evident for all who take the time to have a view there is a better way when we all come together united. Our strength of thought combined with parallel positive minds delivering a wonderful event. Now there is the prospect of many more great occasions in the future. By working together (“Togetherness”), united there are no boundaries to prevent us being a better team and providing even stronger social functions in the future…

People feel more enriched. They are connected to others and no longer left feeling isolated. Breaking down the cultural barriers and realising who we truly are makes us realise that the world is much smaller and by reaching out and sharing we become better for who we are. Our new community has recently come a long way back together and embraced what we now have and the new elements of many varied nationalities have shown a lovely togetherness and the harmony was amazing.

Thank you to all who made it possible and who you really are…

Helping to put together the Mind puzzle 1 piece at a time…

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