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Elevated Emotions versus Survival Emotions

Elevated Emotions Versus Survival Emotions
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The World of Survival And Elevated Emotions

There is a real dilemma spending too much time in survival mode as so many people do. Dwelling on negative emotions especially the likes of stress could literally mean drowning in negativity.

The Impact of Negative Emotions

The danger to your health and well being is extremely significant if you spend excessive time in this mode. The energy field that helps protect you from diseases and infection will potentially shrink and you become more vulnerable to some form of illness.

Survival Emotions and Elevated Emotions

When you know and then relate to the difference between survival emotions and elevated emotions you become clearly aware that it makes complete sense to spend the minimum time possible in survival emotions mode. You are better advised to concentrate as much as you can on improving your health and well being by focusing on elevated emotions.

By switching your targeted thoughts to positive emotions and focusing your mind where possible on such things as excitement and enthusiasm. Showing gratitude and giving thanks and appreciation in a more profound way will also help elevate your emotions.

While various negative emotions especially stress, anger, guilt, worry, jealousy, hatred, greed and even deep levels of sadness or money worries for example lead to Stress its critical to remember that spending too much time over a sustained period of time can be dangerous.

This may well be unavoidable at times but steer away from this negative emotion as quickly as the possibility allows. It’s very important to minimise the time in this mode as it potentially weakens your immune system. Keep it firmly in your mind that it’s ideally better to be at least thoughtful so that as soon as you can take some deep breaths and then focus on the alternative for a positive mind and good health. Having the benefit of a strong energy field helps you combat diseases and infections.

Positive Elevated Emotions

Concentrating hard on the positive elevated emotions and you will be on a much higher happier plain. This will enable you to overcome numerous challenges as you travel on life’s highways. When you are in a good mood it is possible to utilise a strong positive emotion to help build your health up. Being in an elevated state presents an opportunity to not only feel better but a chance to strengthen your energy field. A rich positive feeling is something to take advantage of.

Being The Architect of Your Own Destiny

You are the architect of your own destiny and should look to virtually climb to the top of the K2 mountain in the Himalayas. It’s the highest point on the planet earth so if you go there in your mind you’ll know there is no higher place in this world that you can go. The power of elevated emotions allows you the chance to generate powerful chemicals within your body.  Additionally you have also the possibility to have a Kundalini experience which is a very special unique experience to have.

Once you hit the high spot and enjoy the experience of elevated emotions it’s unlikely that you would want to go back to the old way. The fuel that ignites elevated emotions comes in different forms. Firstly there is the very special version of Meditating that some experienced globally recognised people recommend. These brain states enable you to drop down into a state in either the lower levels of Alpha or even into Theta mode.

Also another option is to visualise with emotion a special experience that could catapult you into the high heavens which would also bring on the Elevated Emotions.
Ultimately when you think about it survival is going down and elevated is going up. There is much to get excited about when you can focus on elevated emotions…

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