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Body Language – Communicating Without Words

Body Language
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Body language is an international language that needs no translation. It is a language that generally translates the same in most cultures. There are some cultures where a particular gesture would be perceived or seen differently so we will not totally generalise.

However, the language of the body transcends many barriers and is a welcome way to overcome many communication challenges. A good firm or strong handshake can initially and immediately send a clear signal at a first meeting encounter.

Translate Body Language For The Future

When you better understand body language you can translate something happening in advance. You can tell when somebody is closed as opposed to being open to what you have to say initially. When meeting with a person for the first time there is often the initial unwillingness to show any trust until a rapport is established and then the folded arms come down and become unfolded after some initial friendly dialogue a sense of trust is built. Smiling and laughter is a big part of body language.

People’s eyes look up to the left when they are remembering things that happened in the past and can therefore be observed to be thinking about what happened in days gone by. However when people look up to the right they can sometimes be observed to be lying when asked a direct question about a particular event that actually happened. They look up to the right as they answer a particular question and then you can be quite confident that an incorrect response has been deliberately given. This is because they are imagining things…

The more you learn the better you understand about body language. Body language is around 55% of the total communication so it is important to understand it well so that you gain rather than lose out in any meeting especially an important business meeting or with people where every communication verbal or nonverbal is vital. Improving your skills could be a tremendous asset.

At that stage maybe tone of voice will come into it. You are able to translate a person’s tone and then define exactly what they meant. When making an appointment with somebody I was able to determine exactly what kind of person I would be meeting with from the tone of voice and the pauses between words.

Italians And Body Language

Italians are wonderful communicators in Body language although Italian body language is very extensive and has many forms. It might take you a while to understand it reasonably well. However, it is fun to learn some body expressions and gestures.

But when it is important you should be careful to get it right… Italians use a great deal of body language. For Italians kissing and hugging is massively important and very key to showing friendship, affection and love. They are wonderfully passionate. When in Italy its especially great to experience.
Different types of body language include:

Examples Of Body Language

The use of bodily functions such as gestures, facial expressions, body movements, use of the arms, use of the eyes, emotional responses etc. Other examples of body language when you are in a particular emotional state or frame of mind:

  • Happiness: when somebody is happy they are generally smiling. In this case they would tend to look up. People when they are happy have a greater energy about them.
  • Sadness: With sadness there is a lack of a smile. The eyes are more typically looking down. There is a lack of energy shown by a person in this case.
  • Focused: A person who is focused has their eyes more centred and looking in control. The eyebrows are lowered.
  • Unfocused: In this case an individual will likely have eyebrows raised and a daised look about them. They will lack enthusiasm.
  • Confident: A confident person will generally look more positive, assertive and have an energised look about themselves. They are more likely to be smiling and open to talking.
  • Afraid: Someone who is afraid looks worried and stressed and lacking in energy. They are likely to be looking down and nervous in their body movement.

When you better understand and master some or many of the different aspects of body language you can definitely use it to your advantage as well as interpreting other people’s body language.

This will prove a useful asset at different times. In life the more skills you have the better you are likely to get on especially with people from other cultures and nationalities. You are more likely to have more respect when you have greater understanding. It shows that you have good awareness.

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