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Imagination and What Comes Next

Imagination And What Comes Next
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Many of life’s forthcoming attractions are defined by what is initially imagined.

Your imagination can take you on a journey that you care to think and dream of.

You can be anything or anybody you want to be. All you firstly need to do is vividly imagine it.In life you are only limited by your imagination.

Examples For The Use Of Imagination – Sports

When you are an aspiring sports star you can rehearse in your mind many times the event actually happening and then replay the final event in your mind over and over again. When you continuously reinforce a potential successful final the end result will likely become your reality.

Leading athletes replay final medal events repeatedly in their minds and imagine themselves winning a medal or even the gold medal in track events like the World Championships or the Olympics. In order to more closely identify with reality and intensify the prospect they add emotion to the prospect of winning.

Quite often the missing ingredient of emotion is what makes the telling difference between Imagination just staying a dream or a possibility compared to becoming your actual reality. Sometimes it’s just that little extra magic that makes all the difference. Imagination becomes stronger when helped by clear strong images, repeated actions, continual reinforcement and emotions.

Ultimately this can lead to becoming they’re complete reality.

How I Was Able To Beat Michael Johnson

Before the now legendary Usain Bolt from Jamaica became a truly outstanding stunning 100 and 200 metre world record holder and the most supreme track sprinter of all time Michael Johnson from the USA was a phenomenal World Record 200 and 400 metre champion as well. I used to vividly imagine myself running against Michael Johnson and actually beating him every time. Consequently I broke world records and won several medals.

The major difference was I never did it in reality. It was all in my mind. But the thought and sensation generated was amazing. My endorphins went wild and it was a super feeling. I’m sure it helped my health become stronger…

In order to be very successful I needed to be more consistent over a longer sustained period of time and additionally the magic missing ingredient was emotion. I never employed it… Maybe if I did things might have been different. I might have at least won a medal!

Let Imagination Begin

In your mind you can be or have anything that you want. It is your Call so you decide. Do not make excuses. Do not procrastinate. Firstly go and do some quality meditation and let the process begin. At the very least go and find a quite space and chill out and then let your mind wander.

The Mind will shortly drop down from Beta to Alpha brain wave states and then the possible magic will start. Strive to do what is recommended. In order to enhance the experience you can use Classical baroque music which perfectly harmonises with the brain. The brainwaves best suited are Alpha and Theta modes. At these levels it is possible to tap into the magical world of the Subconscious mind.

The power of the imagination knows no limits. It is truly magnificent and has far reaching possibilities. Let you imagination go where ever it wants to wander. However firstly focus on something specific and then let your mind drift. The imagination definitely works best when in a dream state.

Focus And Imagination

When you laser focus the mind it’s amazing where the Imagination of your mind will take you. There are no boundaries, no borders. It’s like a vast Ocean or Infinite space.

Experiencing pure consciousness has phenomenal potential. It could take you to even the deepest canyons of your imaginative right brain and subconscious mind. You never know what wonderful discoveries could be found in the unique mind of you.

Maybe the world will benefit from a spectacular discovery that you make. It’s incredible what people have contemplated in their awesome Brains and then proceeds to talk about some things like they are a Professor when in reality they never knew previously anything originally about the subject. Then the imagination was employed in a major way and then many questions got asked and even more significantly were answered.

It is wise to be wary of the Imagination and download the information by in some cases writing the information that suddenly comes to mind. The inspiration can come quick and fast and in order not to lose the information take account and record by taking notes. When it is safe talk to others and share but only with those who can be trusted.

Never, never, never doubt the awesome power of your imagination.

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