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Focused Thoughts – Do We Really Become What We Think About?

Focused Thoughts - Do We Really Become What We Think About?

There must be Truth in the words – We Become What We Think About most of the time…

Continue With Focused Thoughts

Yes we do become what we think about most of the time… Continued focused thoughts about the same subject and then when elevated and combined with emotions our thoughts will eventually become our reality… Persistent sustained thinking intensifies the desire but it’s the key ingredient of emotions that essentially gives birth to the thought…

The wonderful thing is that you can convert a virtual experience into a realistic real life situation by constantly and intensively focusing on the key element.

This is purely to do with the power of your own thoughts and what you can make happen. Instead of negative thoughts you are specifically locked onto positive thoughts that have the special but natural ability to make better things happen. This is not some weird magic it is the result of the real positive wonder of you in action.

Convince Your Subconscious Mind

Did you know that the subconscious mind does not know the difference between fantasy and reality? Think about that for a few moments and take time to digest the reality of that statement. It therefore means that you can convince your subconscious mind of an alternative reality.

However it makes much more sense to aim and focus on the thing or things that really matter in life to you and look to bring them in to your world in real time. You can make it happen if you have enough intensity of desire and purpose. Now you think about your most important goals and you list them. You should prioritise them especially the top 3 goals.

You have established the most important goals and especially the no. 1 goal. The first step is by actually committing to your goals in writing is a statement of intent. Now it’s time to essentially concentrate on that main goal and give it as much life as humanly possible.

You can literally eat it and drink it (so to speak) and sleep on it. In this way you are very focused and targeted towards the top macro goal. You are feeding it constantly and then you are handing responsibility over to the subconscious mind to take over and deal with the action part…

It will grow and get bigger in your mind. Over some weeks or possibly months it will potentially become your reality. It certainly has a much greater chance of happening in your world.

People all too often casually say things negatively which they regularly repeat and then guess what happens whatever they repeat constantly unfortunately becomes their reality. The example being – “I always get a cold or the flu in December”.

They start saying this in the summertime and regularly repeat it and naturally they catch a cold or get the flu in December. They have programmed their mind accordingly. This is a disturbing negative aspect of what people do in general. However it is a good example of what you can do when you focus on the positive instead of the negative.

Dwell On The Positive

Make sure to dwell on the positive and so many pleasant amazing things can and will happen. Your whole life gets a jumpstart and things drastically change for the better. The Brain and the power of your mind are phenomenal beyond all comprehension.

It has so much power to benefit from so then why don’t we just make the much greater effort to take advantage of its awesome potential. Our lives will be so much richer as a consequence. Instead of us being lazy, procrastinating and accepting the easy solutions lets experience the alternative reality which is completely natural and meaningful.

Let´s Make Our Lives Better

We have the inner tools to change things and we have an essential part to play in joining together with other ‘like minded people’ on this massive journey of change. For the future benefit of your Life and the world around you it is immensely important that we have many more people committing to making both their own lives and the lives of other so much better.

Make no mistake you have it within you to make a massive difference in this world and do not let anyone try to persuade you otherwise. Together we will achieve so much more and now is the time to embrace change and make it happen before it’s too late…

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