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Laughter Improves Health and Well Being

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Most Natural: Laughing

One of the most natural things to do is laugh and especially to laugh spontaneously. Laughing is a great tonic. Laughter can brighten the darkest day. It combines better health with a potentially longer life. The more you laugh the better it is for you… Sharing laughter with others delivers the right chemistry and helps promote unity and contentment…

Laughing naturally for an extended period of time (like a few minutes for example) can release endorphins inside you which are feel good chemicals that not only make you feel better but can actually improve your health. Laughter is a strong medicine with totally natural health benefits. You naturally feel better for having had a very good laugh.

Laughter for a Better Immune System

Laughter strengthens your immune system and protects the heart. Laughing can increase blood flow. Sharing a laugh with another adult can brighten their day and yours. It’s especially significant when you make eye contact with another individual and both of you spontaneously laugh. There is this instinctive trigger that gets activated nearly every time you make eye contact with a total stranger. It shows that we relate with a caring laugh while at the same time remaining focused.

Laughing Unites

Sharing a laugh with a stranger can help 2 alien worlds collide and become 1 planet in that moment. Sometimes that moment goes on to become something very special while other times it just fades away. Whatever the case the laughing encounters brightened the day and helped make a magic moment. I personally strive wherever possible to embrace as many magic moments as possible because it not only brightens my day but it clearly enhances that brief encounter.

Socialising Makes Us Feel Better

It also makes you feel individually better for having brought a little cheer to somebody who was maybe feeling sad prior to that chance meeting… You instinctively acted rather than just thought about it.

The more chance meetings you have, the more people you meet and the smaller the world becomes. It is not so big a world after all when you meet and laugh with people about different things. We make ourselves more at one with other people…

Additionally we help ourselves to feel better by socialising with others. What goes around comes around. You find yourself outside of your comfort zone but then you get used to it and then you are more likely to repeat it regularly by engaging in meeting total strangers.

Several months ago we moved to a completely new area far from where we previously lived. Consequently we did not know anybody living in this new area. I was concerned that we did not know anybody from a socialising, security, safety and friendship point of view so I set up a Whatsapp Group and now we ‘know many of the people behind the bell’.

My Socialising Test With 24 Nationalities in a Small Area

I amazingly found out that we live in an incredibly diverse community and we are 24 different nationalities living in our immediate area. Now thankfully we know a lot more about these people and we share and engage much more as a consequence.

As a direct result we have much greater peace of mind about our new environment and we have shared lots of laughs, jokes and even some hugs along the way with people that were previously unknown to us and who were just strangers before but in most cases they are very nice people that we are perfectly happy to be friends with. We also help each out with deliveries, security and looking out for each other in different ways. Very soon we will plan our very first major party together…

Children Laugh More – Why?

Children laugh many more times in a day compared to an adult. A child can laugh hundreds of times a day compared to a more serious adult who is more deliberate, we think and analyze things and then thoughts about things go much deeper… Children do not have an analytical mind to circumvent unlike adults who do.

We can learn a lot from the actions of what kids do. The genuine act of spontaneity is a wonderful thing as it’s born from pure instinct and we should never criticise it.

Laughing is a real joy and we should look to laugh at every given opportunity. Sometimes just laughing at the very things we do ourselves and avoid taking life too seriously. If you have children then of course you have the chance to love, embrace and just go with the flow and smile and laugh at every moment possible. We have grandchildren and the antics they get up to sometimes is hilarious… So laugh, be brave, just let go and capture each passing fun moment in time…

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