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The Pharmacy Called Human Body

The Pharmacy Called Human Body
Licensed By Dalle/Christoph Gold

What the human body is capable of is increasingly more remarkable as we become more enlightened and discover additional cures that our human body is stunningly able to deliver on. You have to be truly in awe of the Pharmacy within you.

Activate Good Chemicals by Meditation And Genes

Through ground breaking techniques (which are completely natural) the particular special higher forms of meditation is mainly responsible which when combined with the specific genes within your Body help generate special chemicals naturally.

Needless to say there are no pills, medicine or side effects as a consequence. It should be clearly stated that there are many wonderful forms of medication and drugs that are highly proven and deliver relief and sometimes permanent cures of various medical problems.

But where it’s possible would it not be better to have these medicines / medications produced naturally?
The results of many numerous trials in various countries generated over the last 5- 10 years especially have provided already an amazing variety of solutions for a whole myriad of major health issues.

What Can The Human Body Deliver – Scientifically Proven Results

The results which are scientifically proven not only by leading experts, some who are world leading experts, the results are also proven by the thousands of people who are proven health cure cases and some of those people had what were previously deemed to be incurable health conditions.

In many different countries in addition to the computer scans results with results based graphs in front of countless witnesses many of whom are experts in their fields you have the visual evidence as well. You have to wonder to what incredible lengths we can go to in terms of finding cures to natural healing from within.

Our bodies have no boundaries and so we are only limited by our effort and willingness to conquer the unknown and find out just how much and how far we can take this…

Through unique research some particular trials were conducted with people who were advanced meditation students. As a consequence they are easily able to quickly reach a true meditative state. Not only that but they are trained to be able to elevate the Genes within themselves in a proven and consistent manner.

Many people can be equally trained in the same way. This is not a unique god given ability it is natural ability that can be harnessed and generated within ourselves.

Genes/proteins within you can manufacture numerous chemicals when the levels of gene expression are elevated sufficiently. The heightened state produces the required chemicals naturally which provide cures for specific health problems. Scientifically proven Research takes time to establish and of course the health experts want to be truly certain of the results and the proven performance of specific elevated genes.

Science Is Still Developing

While many fields have been conquered through proven results and cures previously delivered it’s still very early days in the findings so far.

There are many other Genes where tests and trials are still to be done. It will take time as ultimately you have to be totally sure of what you are dealing with and for the results to be born, witnessed, collaborated and proven in actual reality. Our Mind is ever so powerful and we are just beginning to determine its awesome overall power.

The mind can send and will provide more and more solutions to the body’s ongoing need for real true life health cures.

You have to ask yourself the question that if the human mind can elevate the gene expression level as is already highly proven just imagine what additional mountains we can conquer in the future. What the infinite wisdom of our super computer superconscious mind can deliver from the inner pharmacy is truly astonishing.

Once you further contemplate this wonderful thought you just then need to mellow and realise it is time to be once again be grateful, express gratitude and be continuously thankful for all the gifts you have within you.

Summary – The Human Body´s Potential

Ultimately its vital to not only know what you and your Body is capable of doing but sharing this information with others so that they may benefit through special meditation practice and reading and learning more about this special subject. We are on a journey together so let’s make it a great ride.

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