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Changing Habits, Changing You

When Changing Habits? Now!

When Changing Habits? Now!

There is never a better time than right now to change. All the previous thoughts and possible plans to change have been postponed countless times until another day.

This is typical human nature. But that day may never come unless you are decisive and purposeful in your actions and make that decision right now to change. We must put our foot down and apply the brake. Enough is enough.

The Habits you have formed over the years have been many. Some of these habits have been good while other habits have been bad.

Changing You Is A Challenge

None of us are perfect although we would sometimes like to think so. We think and dream sometimes of the various different scenarios of what we should and could be doing in order to be happier or more successful in life. But then we procrastinate and delay until tomorrow. Then Life gets in the way and before you know it days, weeks and months go by before we refocus and get back on track with our thoughts and desires.

Only by being very determined and centrally focused can we drill down and alter the route we travel. It takes extra willpower sometimes to get to grips with our wandering thoughts and laser focus. Now you overrule that inner voice and say, “I am boss and I call the shots”. You decide finally where you are going. Now is your time so you must change while the mood arises.

Let The Brain Wrestle Back Control

The Brain then wrestles back control from the body and takes command again. This is a victory in itself. You were emphatic and made a clear decision and followed through.

It’s a great feeling to be in control. There is genuine relief that you are breaking free and arresting control. This is what real change does… Freedom from the chains of Bad Habits has been achieved so now it’s time to be defiant and march on. It feels that you have to be partially ruthless with yourself.

This is judgement day when the brain finally takes back control and tells the body who is really the boss. Once you make that change then you have to be more persistent, consistent and laser focused. At this crossroad the light is shining in the Brain, you can clearly see the sun and now you should embrace the change. The transformation and change in you when changing to new habits will clearly portray and reflect positive changes in you. People will identify the change and new development in you.

Whatever happens now you are on track you want to stay balanced and committed to the journey ahead. It’s easy to be sidetracked and distracted. Ultimately you have to realise the mental significance of where you are and the price you have to pay. Maybe you have already paid the price but you especially have to appreciate the thought changes made and how far you have come.

With your new found willpower to change and press on you will encounter new doors leading to new beginnings. When travelling on new roads with different horizons change is everywhere. There is a greater feeling of optimism when you reflect on the major changes you’ve made. We are all responsible to ourselves and as a consequence making better decisions is more instrumental to the future. You open up new neurons in the brain by being more creative, making new decisive decisions leading to new changes.

Changing Habits – Re-Engage Your Brain

You have a brain that is incredibly powerful so by changing course in direction you re-engage it. Changing habits and then having new habits bring positive changes in brain development. All changes are different however a new direction helps our individual growth. Change presents suddenly a new better you. They are testimony to the adjustment you made and the life changes brought about.

Changing Habits – A Summary

The old habits were holding you back. You were travelling around a roundabout and clearly getting nowhere. The changes you made brought about an impact in what you do and where you go. All change is significant when there is a meaningful outcome. The mind and body in coherence benefits you in relation to your health and general well being. You now keep going forward and never look back…

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