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Developing New Habits and Re-Inventing Yourself

Developing New Habits And Re-Inventing Yourself

New Habits As a Major Personal Investment

Creating a new state of mind and making that purposeful transition from the old to the new self is the road to travel on in order to establish the foundation for you to build on.

Replacing old habits with fresh new life and newer and potentially better ways of doing things is a major personal development investment in you.

You’ve made the bold decision to change things and it’s now a major step because it represents a complete change in direction.

Some of the new habits are better health-related and have more meaning and significance.

Why do I say that? Well before you were stuck in the mire but now you are taking action which is better for the Brain and its development. The mind and body are now coherent because they have been called upon to get it together, work in harmony and help you.

Change The Past Of Yesterday

Making the decisive decision to change the past of yesterday and substitute with better future life habits provides a reawakening. Many times you had previously attempted to change the old habits but in the end it never materialised and now its some years later.

Although you can reflect and regret to a degree you’ve just got to get on with it now and not procrastinate one moment longer.

There is no point living in regret otherwise you beat yourself up and due to negative emotions you end up wasting more time and valuable energy. Now is the time and it’s time to crack on.

Time For Meditation

This is a time for you to correctly meditate with the right level of energy is needed so that the meditation that you have and experience has specific benefits, meaning and purpose. The result is that you are able to apply the brake and put a stop to the past bad habits and replace them now with meaningful new habits that will kick start your life.

The rocket you are launching from will take you to any planet that you have a desire to travel to. One of the main outcomes in taking this action is the Brain once again is arresting back control from the Body.

Your Brain Is The “Leader Of The Pack”

For some years the body has been in control and the mind has been a slave and you were just going through the motions and doing things every day through an act of a regular daily routine.

But by recovering the situation the brain – your brain at long last takes charge and overrides the body. Once again the Brain is the clear leader of the pack and rightly becomes king again.

Many more brain cells will get called into action and the new neurons in the brain will grow and multiply. For too long the Body has been in command and was running the show in an unnatural way. Countless millions of people around the world get stuck in this old way of life.

You can see the zombie-like appearances of people who are just allowing the system to dictate their every move. Big brother tells you what to do and where to go… If you are not already stuck in a system like that then you may very well be headed in that direction…

You have to break free from the chains of everyday life and the system designed for the average person. Becoming a new You will mean a cause for renewed happiness. Entering into places you were uncertain of is all part of the voyage of discovery and experience.

This is where life truly gets exciting and has so much more to offer. You finally realise that freedom has presented itself and you must embrace it with every fiber in your body.

New Habits Need Determination

When the mind and body are in opposition to each other the energy field will not respond in any consistent way. You have almost to become someone else. Changing direction, changing you takes a very determined effort. It’s important for you to be confident in your own ability to making the switch in breaking the old habit of being you.

Now is the time to begin to establish the new you. It’s all about the Now and not later. Tomorrow Day is a day that does not exist.

Becoming a new person is a result of changing the old habits of the past that is in time forgotten. Think of those habits like in another century and as you are travelling to a new  galaxy you have to form the new habits that will provide you with the essential tools for a new life in a new world.

Creating a new state of mind has a deep impact. You become the elated power that transcends the past, heals the present and opens doors to the future.

New habits take you on a voyage of discovery. You discover new opportunities in time to finally do certain things you had thought about for many moons but failed to follow through on because Life just got in the way. Making the change gives you a fresh start to begin again. Until you make the change you never know the difference.

Now you experience change in all its glory. Be clearly aware of the situation and take hold of it.

New Habits Take A While To Establish

Breaking the old habit is a major initiative and a huge test for you. It tests you on different levels on who you really are and whether you have what it takes to overcome change and come out the other side triumphant. It requires great willpower. With the right attitude and focus you’ll be a winner in successfully achieving the necessary changes.

New Habits take a while to accept and establish them. But after a few weeks the new habits become your new reality and they then become second nature to everything you do.

Then you reach a point where you do not question anymore but just instinctively do. They become established in your new world. Building for the future becomes much easier as you have less conflict. Now you quickly appreciate the difference.

Having made the change you should start your life again although in reality life may well have already changed for you. The journey you are now on will have a lasting effect on the thoughts you have. Once you start just keep going.

The brain will provide you with an adrenalin rush and the mind is making many new connections and opening up new neural pathways. Life has taken on a whole new meaning so welcome to the new life and the special people you will encounter in it…

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