The Creative Right Hemisphere of Your Brain

When considering the size of the creative right hemisphere of your brain the subconscious mind compares at least in capacity size to a beach ball compared to the conscious mind and the size of a tennis ball. It’s truly awesome power and infinite processing capability the subconscious mind is phenomenal in its capacity and beyond comprehension in memory storage and what it is truly capable of when it comes to thoughts, ideas and achievements.

It’s amazing with the brain’s ability to comprehend and process so many things. However it is more about the vast potential of what it can do for you now and in the future. Whatever it has done for you in the past is forgotten because it’s all about tomorrow. Look and discover the wonder of what your creative right brain can and will do for you.

When you are stuck on an idea you can potentially hand it over and leave the thought with your subconscious mind before going to sleep at night and in the morning it will potentially deliver the solution to your conscious mind when you first wake up.

Employing Meditation

You have to trust the process and the wonder of your brain and then more creative things are likely to happen. When employing meditation and experiencing pure consciousness you will be able to quickly submerge into the lower brain wave states of alpha and especially theta where you will be able to experience a greater world of wonder.

Solutions Coming From The Subconscious Mind

It is here where more creative possibilities exist for you with the right solutions. The energy and thought-provoking solutions delivered to your conscious mind could be just exactly what you are striving to ideally look to achieve. It’s particularly exciting after periods of frustration where you were stuck that suddenly creative ideas are promptly released to the world via you and your wonderful Brain.

Consequently and amazingly the analytical mind barrier has been overcome in order to provide the answers sought by you.

This is where you potentially have gone beyond the Alpha brain wave state to the theta level. The very point of circumventing the analytical mind opens up a world of possibilities to you. Utilising the power of the subconscious mind is like sourcing from a much greater deeper source that has infinite capacity. Identify with the wonder of what you have at your disposal to make it real.

Photo Licensed by Pixabay/Martin Jeszke

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