Random Acts Of Kindness Making A Difference
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There are many hurdles to negotiate in life but thankfully when people reach out and help each other the journey and challenges we encounter become easier.

When somebody does somebody else a favour it is often reciprocated but psychologically people do not do it with that thought in mind.

When you hear and witness these acts of kindness they are often spontaneous and regularly instinctive.





Beautiful Acts Of Kindness

They are often done without thought. There is no thought of “you can pay me back later” as it is done genuinely as a way of saying, “I am only too glad to help”… This shows that all these people who do this inherently have this in their individual DNA which is really wonderful to see.

It’s a beautiful thing that these special unique acts of kindness take place. The very act of seeing, witnessing or becoming aware of helps truly restore your faith in human nature.

Sometimes some aspects of life seem totally out of control but one random act goes a long way to knowing that there is wonderful people still out there. Being reassured we are not alone and that sometimes you encounter a few special people while other times you encounter a larger number on a particular day. It’s a confident grateful feeling to know that we are not alone.

When we reach out and do so without question it is the pure act of someone who genuinely cares. The self esteem of both the person being helped and the person who does it is boosted. In our community we are at least 24 different nationalities which are very diverse and so all this makes it all the more special.

Keeping Up Your Kindness

We congratulate those people who continually reach out and help to make a meaningful contribution in this world. Keep up these random acts of kindness because they really do make a difference in the lives of others sometimes more than you can possibly imagine…

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