ConfidenceAlways have confidence in you. Believe in the person in the mirror. Be confident in your own ability to do well and ultimately succeed in life. Confidence is when you know where you’re going. You have no doubts that you will go all the way and be successful.

Your personality is ignited and regularly shows you have a pleasant and very positive demeanour. You attract people like bees to honey. You walk tall and look the world right in the eye. Your head is looking up and sees further in the distance just like when you drive. You look and see much further as you have trained yourself to do.
Confidence is very apparent in your case because your personality speaks volumes.

People are happy to be around you. You laugh and joke regularly and you have a greater chance when participating in an interview. You are likely a very good speaker so public speaking is effortless for you. You have no challenges when speaking to a large audience whether that is 30, 50 or 200+ people.

Confidence is something you clearly excel in. This is not about being arrogant or cocky this is about trusting the person you see in the mirror. You can never like or love somebody more than you like or love yourself…

In life there is often intense competition for jobs, speaking engagements and being the person you most ideally would like to be. When you have absolute confidence in you it’s a great place to start. Firstly look at the person in the mirror and smile.

Some Key Affirmations

There are some key affirmations worth repeating 5 – 10 times each daily in order to remind yourself of the high value you should have in the confident you.

Affirmations to be repeated 5 – 10 times each daily:

  • I am excellent
  • I am a winner
  • I am the best
  • I like myself
  • I have total confidence in me

You are a welcome person wherever you go when you are confident. You have a particular certainty and belief in yourself. There is clear trust on your part that you know where you are going. People are clearly impressed by your body language.

Your eyes reflect a positive mindset. Relating to this state of being is an example to others and you can be a role model to help others raise their level of positivity to be similar or equal to yours.

Having a high level of optimism is definitely a great thing to share with others especially when it’s positively contagious!

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