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Our world becomes increasingly chaotic and we endeavour to do right by ourselves and our family (usually) but then due to our increasing challenge with time we often struggle to get enough tasks completed.

One of the things that is a casualty of this constant battle with time is our friends and sometimes family as well. Always be mindful of the health and well being of others.

We delay or forget to check up on them especially when we have not heard from them in a while. This is something we should strive to avoid happening. When we have the thought about not having seen someone for a while we should take action, check to see if that person is doing fine or not.

We should not take things for granted or delay. Later may well be too late.

Recently I had this thought about 2 different lady friends of ours and in both cases the hunch and thought was right. They had both been sick for a few weeks. Thankfully they were recovering and doing better but it felt good to have simply followed through and checked and not just assumed they were okay… Taking action means you can be potentially helpful if and when necessary. Be forever mindful and follow through…

The Power Of Your Mind

Never doubt the power of your own mind and its true capacity to deal with a myriad of different situations. I think sometimes people concern themselves unnecessarily with thoughts of taking too much on with their individual thought processes.

Our minds shape who we are and ultimately what we become. We are still in an ocean of discovery of all that the mind can tackle and accomplish. It is remarkable that we will discover many new things as our journey continues.

Currently as of this moment in time – July 2023 the mind is still the most powerful computer in the world. Things are changing every day so you never know what happens in our world next…

The mind has infinite capacity and is able to catalogue and deal with numerous different situations. However the mind is better focusing on one thing at a time. Ideally avoid being involved in multi-tasking. By focusing on one challenge at a time you can devote maximum concentration and focus. You will most likely achieve better results.

We are still unravelling many of the mysteries of the mind and all that it can do. It can perform a great variety of tasks. Our thoughts determine the quality of our lives and how we think, say and do.

We have the power to achieve virtually anything that we set our minds to. Our mind is the most wonderful tool that we have available. However it needs to be better appreciated and respected for the amazing potential that we are able to call upon when needed. With laser focus failure is not an option.


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