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The power of imagination will take you anywhere you want to go. It will provide you with a crystal clear view of all of life’s forthcoming attractions.

Imagination Without Limits

Your imagination has no limits. It can create future reality for you. You can be the world’s best athlete; you can run or swim the fastest time in the world. In your mind there are no limits.

Imagination is the genie in the bottle that has the power to grant you anything you want and make you the most successful of all time.

Planning and setting Goals

Planning and setting goals is the definite way forward and it is far more intentional when you write down the goals so that they have real meaning and purpose. You then meaningfully commit yourself to the goals.

Initially you can visualise every goal and every little detail in your mind and picture every step along the way. As you run repeatedly the movie in your mind continuously it starts to take on a real clarity and focus. Imagination can be the master of your destiny.

Enrich Your Imagination

In order to enrich your Imagination you can feed it with Images from magazines, YouTube videos as well as enhancing the mind with additional thoughts and music for extra mental stimulation. Your emotions can play a leading role in enticing the Imagination to permanently register a real life incident and invariably with the right effort it can and will become your reality.

Running the movie in your mind continually is amazing however you just have to decide if you want the part for real or not. The more transparent you are with your imagination, the sharper the focus, the better the chance of achieving the end goal…

The level of enthusiasm you have for the subject in hand has a major bearing on what happens. Combining the various tools you were born with and also learned along the way provides you with the key elements to start with. In the final analysis you can alter the direction before it happens. You therefore influence the outcome and change the ending.

It’s funny to think you can determine the outcome and that you can especially impact the story and decide if the ending is good enough. You might consequently just decide to go with it by staying with the current version or alternatively plan a different ending to the ideal life imagined, that you want and plan to have.

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