Positive Mental Attitude
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What Is Positive Mental Attitude (P.M.A.)?

There is nothing better than a positive mental attitude. In the past I have frequently advised people to go on a P.M.A. diet. It enables you to focus the mind, build better rapport and generally have better relationships with people. Having a positive attitude determines what you think, do and say. People definitely notice the difference in the way you communicate. Ultimately there is a better feeling being around people that our regularly positive.

One of my published quotes about positive mental attitude is as follows:

“You may have a BA, MBA or PHD but unless you have a P.M.A. as well you do not have everything you need to succeed”.

Physical And Mental Exercises

Physical exercise is generally very important and particularly good for you but then so is mental exercise. Exercising the brain regularly – practically every day is very key to general mental well being including mental alertness, mental sharpness and striving to keep your mind free of mental challenges. It is advisable to keep the brain as fresh as possible and in that way a stimulated brain will benefit your life in many more ways in the coming months and years. Having a mentally alert and sharper brain will give you a healthier brain and open up many more cells and potentially slow down the aging process…

Keeping Your Mind Active

Look to keep your mind active by doing the following things –

1)Eating a balanced healthy diet including different types of fruit, vegetables, linguines, carbohydrates, herbs, spices etc.

2)Exercising the heart regularly – walking, cycling, swimming etc

3)Testing the brain frequently every week

4)Keeping the mind focused and busy

5)Socialising regularly with other ‘like minded people’

Remember despite previous misinformed information your brain can thrive and grow right upto and including the day you leave this world. When you engage the brain and do things to mentally exercise it frequently new neurons will be generated and grow. Leading senior officials in the health profession used to advise that people’s brains deteriorated as you got older and brain cells would continue to shut down while new brain cells would be likely…

Ultimately people much prefer to be around individuals who are positive because they are considered to have in many cases an infectious presence, they are often more pleasant, optimistic, happier, make more friendships, work with others better, have better more longer lasting relationships.

Image Licensed by Dreamstime/Martin Jeszke

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