Human nature is a funny thing. It varies in so many ways. However when we take time out to reflect and appreciate what we have we should also take time to think about people who might be desperately in need of a little help.

Desperate People Need Your Help

Most of us have very busy worlds that we live in and we often get caught up in our own lives so much that we often forget to think and be considerate towards others. There are regularly people who live close to us who are lonely and in some cases vulnerable.

There are those who live lives in quiet desperation. Consequently going to see and sometimes visit individuals like this will help them, provide a ray of light, a little hope and brighten their day. It might just help prevent them doing something foolish if they are especially lonely. You could be just the vital difference to help preserve that important human life…

Six Ingredients For An Act Of Kindness

Any one act of kindness helps make you feel so much better about you. It will do wonders for your self esteem. Reaching out to others who are lonely, isolated or vulnerable is a genuine act of kindness. Ultimately what does it take to be kind? It takes the following human ingredients:

1) 1 Dose of positive thought
2) 1 Dose of time (typically 20 – 30 minutes)
3) 1 Dose of happiness
4) 1 Dose of positive cheer
5) 1 Dose of kindness
6) 1 Dose of appreciation

You then mix all the ingredients together and you ultimately get a growing better you and one of the answers to the question –

What does it take to be kind?

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