Instinct Is A One Time Thought

You are driving on a road and there is an instinctive thought to turn right however you ignore the lighting flash notion.

Missing The Intuitive Message

Then you carry on driving get stuck in an unexpected traffic jam and then think, “I should have listened to my intuition”. Your intuition is always right.

We quite often ignore these intuitive messages but we must strive / even train to listen more carefully and pay more attention. Be ultra ready, be sharper in our reaction and then look to immediately respond.

React In A Micro Second

The very next time you get an intuitive thought could be one of those rare but extremely critical intuitive impulse messages that require split second timing in a major drama or crisis.

When an impulsive thought presents itself in those major precise situations it requires split second timing by you and an immediate spontaneous reaction.

You have to react without hesitation and equally demonstrate that you have the proven ability to react in a micro second of time. Ultimately you will be so glad you did.

Instinct Can Save Lives

One of those huge rare moments you are called upon could lead to the saving of lives or helping somebody which resulted in delivering wonderful joy to someone. The truly outstanding highly impressive speed at which you reacted proved to be a massive lifesaving difference.

Intuition is regularly the remarkable element in changing a life forever. If you get asked, “Have you improved your intuition”? What will you reply. Will you respond answering “Yes” having made the effort to train yourself make you be that special someone who will be there to make a tremendous impact when it truly matters.

Defy the odds, smile and show the very best version of you. It will be your winner’s version of Intuition that will prove that.

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