Show Appreciation And Gratitude
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There is a massively growing need for both your own health benefit and the growing world at large to show more and more gratitude in both appreciation for what you have and towards many other fellow human beings.

Our world more than ever desperately needs as many people as possible to step up and make a huge difference. You more regularly get the feeling that our world is crumbling all around us and you increasingly wonder when if ever it will all end.

The Meaning Of Appreciation And Gratitude

Appreciating and giving thanks for what you have especially for the more meaningful things is vitally important. Firstly it enables the energy field around your heart to grow and become potentially stronger and secondly it simultaneously enables you to reach out and connect with other like-minded people.

These people from all walks of life in terms of culture, colour, religions and nationalities are here with you to make a difference. Only when you reach out do you suddenly become aware of them and them of you. Making that special unique connection provides a link to survival.

Honesty, Transparency And Appreciation

Honesty, transparency and showing real appreciation is a quality that genuine people recognise. These people see this grateful quality in you and therefore want to know you better and find out what you are all about. More and more people most likely will want to know the real you. This is an increasingly volatile world that seemingly stumbles from one disaster, tragedy, environmental catastrophe to a major terrorist outrage.

Consequently embracing other people and cultures is a very good start. You are starting from a place of strength. Being grateful for what you have and taking time to reflect and give thanks is a positive way to acknowledge all the special things in your life like Family, Health, Home, Friends, Education, Job / Career, Money, Spiritual all things that matter to a greater or lesser degree.

Don´t Take Everything For Granted

Taking time to reflect shows that you don’t take everything for granted and that you have appreciation in abundance…

Life has many numerous things that are sacred and extremely worthwhile and the thoughts you have often determine how you react to any given situation. The quality of your thinking therefore has a major significance. Ultimately when you take account of your blessings and give thanks you are positively evaluating the things that have meaning and value and potentially bring love and happiness.

Consequently your thoughts are in alignment with who and what you are…
Image sourced from Pixabay and owned by Martin Jeszke:


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